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Looking to form a club

Posted by Squintz , 29 January 2009 · 178 views

Last week I went to a church in DC where the HacDC group is based. HacDC is an organization of like minded men and women who love science and technology. They love to build and play with robots, lasers, DNA and all kinds of cool stuff. There is a similar group in NY called NYResistor.

I have not thought of a cool name for the group I want to start. What I...


RepRap Build-A-Thon Tomorrow

Posted by Squintz , 23 January 2009 · 147 views

Just a friendly reminder that if you are in the DC area tomorrow I will be attending and helping out with this cool Build-A-Thon project. See details:


For Christmas Santa brought me...

Posted by Squintz , 29 December 2008 · 185 views

...SageTV Media Center Software

Unfortunately I have not been able to play with it yet because I don't think I have all the hardware I am going to need. So it may be a few month before I get to join in on all the fun.

I also got a Sony BlueRay Player which is pretty cool. I don't know much about it since I did not pick it out, but it looks...


ZenSys Acquired by Sigma Designs (Nasdaq: SIGM)

Posted by Squintz , 18 December 2008 · 219 views


This one has been burning a hole in me for weeks. Although it's not finalized the word on the street is that ZenSys has entered into an agreement with Sigma Designs for a...


Jan 24/25 HacDC RapRap Build-A-Thon

Posted by Squintz , 16 December 2008 · 194 views

The local MD/DC/VA RepRap users group is joining forces with HacDC(http://hacdc.org/200...p-build-a-thon/) and having a live Build-A-Thon.  RepRap is an open source project that is attempting to build a machine that can replicate its self. The idea behind the machine is that if it can replicate its self then everyone can own a 3D printer at very...


What is up with Z-Wave Companies?

Posted by Squintz , 12 December 2008 · 275 views

I've been involved with the Z-Wave World website for a few years. One of the things that has always bothered me is that just about ALL of the companies that make Z-Wave products, including the chip manufacture ZenSys, don't seem to understand the Home Automation/Control market. There are 3 sides to the market, DIYers, Integrators, and End Users...


CocoonTech 2.0 Rocks

Posted by Squintz , 11 December 2008 · 174 views

On December 16th 2004 I sent out and e-mail to a small group of loyal cocooners thanking them for their contribution to purchasing the latest version of Invision Power Board as a gift to Dan and the rest of the cocooners. This gift was mainly a way for all of us to thank Dan (electron) for all his hard work and providing a great place for us to colaborate...


My Hackerspace CNC made HackADay.com

Posted by Squintz , 01 January 2006 · 274 views

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the Hackerspace. I started Harford Hackerspace on January 1, 2009. We celebrated last week with a cake with our logo printed on it. The logo tasted like paper but other than that the cake was good.

Today we got the best birthday gift of all. Our CNC machine was posted on HackADay which will surely get us lots of hits on...

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