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It's Official - I am a UPB user!

Posted by Squintz , 10 April 2009 · 245 views

I just finished installing my first UPB device. It was the Simply Automated (SA) Receptacle (Model:URD). The installation had a little hicup but it was easily fixed. There are two sets of screw terminals on the Receptacle and for some reason you are only supposed to connect wires to the bottom set of terminals. I know from the instructions that ONE of the top terminals can be used to allow the displaying of an LED if you were to wire a remote switch (USR-40) to control the Top outlet. The bottom outlet is always hot. However, I don't know what the OTHER top terminal is for. You would think they would eliminate it if there was not a purpose. My guess is that it has a purpose and I just don't know what that purpose is.

I can see now that there is going to be a learning curve caused by me switching from Z-Wave to UPB. I have RF and Meshed networks burned into my head and terminology such as Inclusion, Exclusion, and Association. It seems that UPB uses different terms and the method for which devices communicate with each other is totally different.

Finally, I have to mention... Currently I am running both Z-Wave and UPB. Something just does not feel right. I almost feel like there is some domestic violence going on inside my walls. But it's just my imagination because the two protocols work perfectly fine with each other as they should.

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