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Videos show up at mother in-laws house, time for teddy camera!

Posted by Squintz , 11 May 2009 · 489 views

Several months ago my wifes sister asked if she could stay at our house. She knew my wife and I were going to be away for the night and used the excuse that she was going to be driving from her other sisters house in PA late at night and did not want to drive late at night. Up until this point she had been very trustworthy but she had recently got a boyfriend. When I got home the next morning I noticed that most of my liquor was gone which would have been a lot for one person to drink. So I checked my video camera and sure enough she had brought her boyfriend over.

To me this is no big deal. I was a teenager only 8 years ago so I know how fun it can be to have an actual place to do whatever teenagers do when they are alone. However, later that day I also noticed I was missing $5 that was on my table in the living room. I figured she may have needed it for gas but after asking her she denied ever taking it. No big deal! It's only $5 and I can't prove anyone took it since I don't have cameras in the house.

....Fast Forward a few weeks....

I was with my wife and I opened our draw where we keep our "stuff" and I noticed that we have several DVD cases which were missing their "movies". I got a little worried that our oldest daughter (8 years old) may have stumbled across the collection. We were in the moment so I had quickly searched my kids rooms and did not find the movies and then returned and forgot all about it.

....Fast Foward to 2 weeks ago....

My wife gets a phone call from her mom and she asked if we were missing any "movies". "Well, actually we are" my wife said. Turns out our movies had made it 25 miles down the road and inside a coffee table draw at my mother in-laws house.

Our videos were scattered and not just in that one draw. So whoever took them went through multiple locations in our bedroom and removed 4 movies from about 3 different locations. This does not really sound like something a kid would do. Also, my oldest daughter rarely goes to her grandmothers house because she is usually with her biological father when we take the other kids.

So this basically leaves two people and they are both my wifes sisters. Of course both of them deny taking the movies. Last night the movies were returned to us and when I was alone with my wife I asked if she would allow me to setup a nany cam in the house to try and catch whoever is stealing from us. Amazingly she agreed!

So after that entire long blog all I was really trying to say is that I just purchased a teddy bear camera and while I was at it I purchased another camera for outdoors. I'll let you all know how it goes after I get it all hooked up.

my wife would be too afraid I wouldn't turn it off when we were having "our" time...she'd never allow it.
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