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What, Squintz' is trying UPB?

Posted by Squintz , 04 March 2009 · 352 views

If you know me then you know I have been Z-Wave's #2 Fanboy with probably Chris Walker being #1. I have to admit that ever since I met Martin from Automated Outlet at EHX 2007 there has been a piece of me that has wanted to try UPB. After doing a 60+ switch Z-Wave install for a customer, using all Levition Vizia RF, I quickly came to realise that although Z-Wave is a great protocol the installation process and amount of time to make it work 100% is not something a business owner has time to mess with and the cost of support to the customer is not worth the gamble. The word "Interoperability" is used too loosely amongst the alliance and the Z-Wave Speaks logo has lost its credibility. The only way a professional install is economically feasible is by using one manufactures product line and either crossing your fingers or spending hours replacing devices with weak transmitters and using sniffers and network anaylizers to detect problem spots. I'm must say though that once you have configured a Z-Wave Network using a reliable brand such as Leviton, the system simply works and is easy for anyone manage.

My thoughts for transitioning to UPB are as follows. UPB is a Powerline protocol which eliminates the weak RF transmitter signal problem that I had in my customers home. UPB has been tested by several professionals with very little negative to say about it. Unlike Z-Wave, UPB has an Open Protocol which allows it to be inexpensively adopted by manufactures and also allows techies like my self to write software for the computer interfaces. I understand that UPB is not a Hard Wired, stand alone system, but it's the next best thing. The deal breaker for me was the introduction of the Dual Load switch with interchangable face plate. That is a huge space saver!

So to be clear. I will still be following Z-Wave and I will still actively review z-wave products, here and on www.zwaveworld.com. However, I am officially resigning my title of Z-Wave Fanboy and picking up a new hat.

Mar 06 2009 12:52 PM
welcome to the club :rockon:
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good luck... i, of course, went the other direction due to unsolvable powerline noise.
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