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Basement Remodeling almost complete

Posted by DrunkenLizard , 18 July 2009 · 333 views

Been finishing off my walk out basement as of late and dissasembling my office to make way for the nursery. Hasn't left much time to get anything HA done around the house but that will soon change. Electrician just finished installing the outlets in my wiring closet yesterday so power might help things progress. All that's left with the basement is...


SageTV up and running

Posted by DrunkenLizard , 19 May 2009 · 305 views

Spent some time last night setting up sage on my dvr/automation server, and a couple hours digging through boxes trying to find usb uirt. But everything is up and running now.


More work done in the garage

Posted by DrunkenLizard , 24 April 2009 · 384 views
Well I have the garage insulated and half the dry wall up. Managed to get a window contact mounted last night, so that's one down and 16 more to go. Well wiring them in would probably help. Hopefully tonight I can get some smurf tube ran to the lv boxes and get some wires in those walls. Dry wall should be delivered tomorrow or Monday depending on the...


360's for streaming media

Posted by DrunkenLizard , 14 April 2009 · 244 views

Wanted to mention that I've been using a few xbox 360's around the house to stream media until a more permanent solution (sage) can be implemented. Have to say that I've been rather impressed with this solution so far though I'm not trying to stream any HD. I've just been using windows media player 11 pointed at my media server....


Conduit Installed

Posted by DrunkenLizard , 14 April 2009 · 354 views

Ran a 2in conduit from the basement wiring closet to the crawlspace above the garage last night and hauled all the boxes of cable up. Then I got called out for a friends birthday. So I wasn't able to get anything hooked back up but everything is in place for me to finish it up this week.


Out of hibernation

Posted by DrunkenLizard , 08 April 2009 · 160 views

Well as the snow and ice begin melting off the lakes I've stumbled out of my cave and started working on things again. Pulled out all the old wiring, at least I shouldn't run short on patch cables any time soon. Got the garage cleaned out and the cabinets moved in for the work bench, which was promptly buried under boxes.


Can Mounted

Posted by DrunkenLizard , 09 February 2009 · 169 views

Well I took some time over the weekend to start moving the wiring closet, I have the back wall framed up and my wiring can mounted. Rather happy with how it turned out, never framed up anything before. Still need to get the side walls framed up and electrical run, but I should be able to start running cables and configuring my can in the mean time. I figure...



Posted by DrunkenLizard , 07 February 2009 · 160 views

Moving the wiring closet to a new location, there is a 4x8 bump out in the basement that should work well. It's directly below the front entry way and closet, this shares a wall with the garage which has some openings to the crawlspace above the second floor.

I started framing up the rear wall of the closet last night so I can get my wiring can...



Posted by DrunkenLizard , 05 February 2009 · 183 views

Well I've been told "you have to get that thingy wired up so we can watch the stuff (DVR) in the other room by the end of this weekend" So I guess that's my goal this week.

That still leaves me with the dilema about moving the wiring closet, right now it is directly below the laundry closet. Should I move it to a different location in...


One step forward Two steps back

Posted by DrunkenLizard , 04 February 2009 · 175 views

Well I actually got something done last night. My old workstation has been brought back from the grave to function as my cqc/sage server. Sagetv and cqc have been installed but thats about as far as I got. Need to pick up some tuner cards and an hd pvr, as well as a an HD Directv box (need to keep the Directv HD DVR in operation untill sage is up and...

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