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It has been a while, what have I been up to?

Posted by auto_man , 14 May 2011 · 1559 views

Well I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted.  It is amazing how time flies when you are having fun.  Over the last year I have been busy conducting experiments and doing some small projects related to home automation and power saving.  In addition, instead of attempting to build my own power monitor, I went ahead and purchased the...


Continuing on...

Posted by auto_man , 12 January 2010 · 832 views

Well now that  I have my 1-wire working now it is time to expand it.  A few things planned for right now:

1. Power meter using laser to track rotations of power wheel.  I plan on implementing something similiar to this: Link

2. Add sensors to monitor a/c coil drop as well as...


Perl / Php graphing software for 1-wire data logging

Posted by auto_man , 28 December 2009 · 2460 views
How to log 1-wire temperature data to a mysql database and view via php script on web server.
To start it off you must satisfy the basic requirements to achieve the task:
1. Apache(or equivalent) server
2. PHP installed on server
3. Mysql installed on server
4. Permissions to run a cron(or equivalent) on server
5. Digitemp...


Ds9097 and Digitemp Working

Posted by auto_man , 27 December 2009 · 2000 views
A couple days ago, a set off on a journey to build a 1-wire network in the house.  As of today completed my first maxim one wire adapter(ds9097).  Currently it is tied to only one ds18s20 temp sensor, that will change in the future.  The plan is to monitor inside temperature, outside temperature and A/C(heat) coil drop.

Here is a picture of my...


It works..

Posted by auto_man , 28 December 2008 · 756 views
Power Monitor
Well I got my circuit working.  I found a wiring problem on my board, I hate when that happens.  Once that was fixed the results from my current transformer correlate to the results from my greenlee current probe(clamp on) and my kill-a-watt .

My setup was as follows:
110V a/c ----> kill-a-watt ---->  current xfmer/clamp on probe  ----> 100...


Having issues

Posted by auto_man , 24 December 2008 · 456 views
Power Monitor
I will post pics of my setup in the next couple days.  Today I made another attempt at correlation, but was unsuccessful.  When I measure current with my greenlee current probe it appears to be correct, I know this because I am using a 100 watt light but and the math works.  I can't seem to make my LEM55-p current transformer give any other result than...


Got this party started

Posted by auto_man , 23 December 2008 · 939 views
Power Monitor
Well I got this power monitor party started.  I built my power supply from an old computer power supply.  This is gives me +-12 and +-5 and plenty of it.  I built a little board with my current transformer mounted on it.  All seems to work, I am just trying to correlate my numbers against my fancy current probe.

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