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Panasonic KX-TGP550

Posted by nexus99 , 07 August 2010 · 4037 views

Ok, so I finally got this phone up and working. There weren't a great deal of resources out there about the KX-TGP550 but putting together what little I could find I got the basics in order.

First off... this is what the phone looks like:

Posted Image

On the...


SIP Phone

Posted by nexus99 , 26 July 2010 · 1279 views

I had planned to start out with a Polycom... but after some comments here and other places I have reconsidered. Instead I will be going with a nice little SOHO system from Panasonic. The KX-TGP550. Its certified for Asterisk and leverages DECT handsets.

Link to Panasonic...


Adding a phone jack in the garage

Posted by nexus99 , 25 July 2010 · 2840 views

Just a few pictures showing the process of adding a phone jack and wiring it up.

1) Found my spot, traced my old work box, cut the hole and stuck in the old work single gang plastic thingy:

Posted Image

And from the backside (I can see if from the access panel for TV...


Asterisk Home PBX Setup -Trixbox

Posted by nexus99 , 25 July 2010 · 2678 views

I have decided to play around with setting up an Asterisk PBX here at home. There are two popular distributions out there that do most of the heavy lifting for you, AsteriskNow and Trixbox. It seems like Trixbox might be more popular so I have decided to give it a spin.

The first concern is scraping together the hardware I will need to make this happen....


Russound ST2

Posted by nexus99 , 12 June 2010 · 1713 views

I finally found a ST2 (dual AM-FM) for a good price and pulled the trigger.

Installation was fairly easy but there are a few gotcha's to keep in mind. First off when you integrate with a CAM6.6 you need to configure the two sources on the CAM as perephial. You then physically attach the ST2's outputs to those two source inputs on the CAM. Don't...


Robin Robbins Boot Camp

Posted by nexus99 , 18 April 2010 · 1522 views

Last week I headed over to Nashville (yes, Nashville of all places...) to hang out with friends and attend the Robin Robins bootcamp. Its an interesting convention for owners of IT service firms servicing SMBs. There were a number of speakers that were very good... and provided alot of knowledge applicable outside of the small business...


Updates on Projects

Posted by nexus99 , 18 April 2010 · 838 views

CasaTunes -

I found a USB via TCP server that works on Server 2003. The Silex SX-3000GB. I was able to install the device drivers, connect my USB sound card to the USB server, and have the OS see the sound card from across the house. But I can't play any music through the sound card. There is something happening that I haven't seen before. So now...


CasaTunes Update

Posted by nexus99 , 18 March 2010 · 1260 views

Since I am working on CasaTunes I have decided to clean up my music for the first time ever. Basically what this means is that anything that cant be auto tagged with art has been deleted. Alot got deleted. Moving forward I will keep everything nice and tidy so I don't have to re rip anything.

This is what its looking like as hosted from my...


HAI iPhone and iPad support

Posted by nexus99 , 18 March 2010 · 777 views

Fially HAI is making a bunch of us really happy (while making some money for themselves!)

The link below is all you need to know. (And its all I know so far anyway...)

HAI iPhone App


CasaTunes - Virtual Sound Card on WHS via Linksys

Posted by nexus99 , 18 March 2010 · 1405 views

I picked up an old WMB54G music gateway and updated its firmware the the most current version (which isn't all that current). Luckily Server 2003 is suported and the software install was no problem. My WHS is now able to stream music to the WMB54G which I have attached to input 3 of my CAM6.6. The biggest issue is that it doesn't look like the...

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