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New Projects - Exterior Motion Lights HAI 47A00-1 Wireless PIR

Posted by nexus99 , 15 March 2010 · 530 views

I plan to light up the exterior perimeter of my home on motion. I am going to give the HAI wireless PIRs a shot and see how long they last in the weather. I am almost out of wireless zones so I think I will just pile 4 of these onto 1 zone and see how that works. I am ok with all the lights coming on if motion is detected anywhere around the house.



New Projects - Casatunes

Posted by nexus99 , 14 March 2010 · 508 views

I have been struck with the bug again and I am working on a few projects that I have had on the back burner for a while.

Russond Control and Whole Home Audio

I have been looking for a solution for this for a while. My big requirement is that this be handled via TCP/IP (yes, I am going standard around TCP/IP as my in house transport) and be controllable by...


Tivo Series 4

Posted by nexus99 , 02 March 2010 · 252 views

Tivo was poised to reinvent the DVR... and then they didn't. I honestly see absolutely nothing that would make me want to go out and buy a unit. I remember when the S3 came out... I drove to 5 different stores to be able to plop down my $800 bucks. And it was worth every penny. The S4 doesn't even have the guts to grab my attention at this...


2010 Direction for Home Automation/Audio

Posted by nexus99 , 20 February 2010 · 569 views

I finally got off my butt and installed 5 of the UPB switches I had bought at Thanksgiving. At this point the living room and kitchen lights are fully automated. I need to replace the wall power plugs with decora style units to match.

I have many more switches to replace but i will be doing this slowly... unless I find a pile of used HAI switchs somewhere...


Landscaping Day 3

Posted by nexus99 , 03 October 2009 · 297 views

Grass is in. Next up will be mulch for the flower bed and a cap for the drain. That should pretty much take care of this phase. Now if i can just keep from killing everything. I have already flooded it once...


Landscaping Day 2

Posted by nexus99 , 28 September 2009 · 404 views

Trees and some plants are in. Rock for the side of the house is ordered. I hope white looks...


Landscaping day 1

Posted by nexus99 , 26 September 2009 · 173 views

Demo of the old grass started today. The back yard got leveled out a bit too. If you look closely you can see the sprinkler heads. Grass is about a week out...



Posted by nexus99 , 24 September 2009 · 505 views

The sprinklers are finished. I added an extra head for a little more coverage on the back left of the yard. The only snag was that one of the sprinkler bodies was defective and I couldn't tell until everything was hooked up and running. Luckliy it wasn't too difficult to pull the one body up and replace it.

I want to thank Jess Striker at...


Irrigation Installation Started

Posted by nexus99 , 11 September 2009 · 288 views

I have gotten really bored with digging so I decided to put some pipes in today. I got the anti-siphon valve connected to house water and all the cables are run. I still need to wire everything together tomorrow... but that should be a quick 20 minute job. Not that I need the valve to open yet... since there are no sprinklers attached and lots of pipe to...


All Trenches Started

Posted by nexus99 , 08 September 2009 · 741 views

It looks like the best way to handle these trenches (other than renting a trencher) is to pre-wet everything and just take it slice by slice. It looks like I will be able to do 2 inches per day pretty easily. This should get me to where I need to be with the trenches by Friday hopefully. I'd really like a full day on Saturday or Sunday to play with the...

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