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The Master Plan

Posted by nexus99 , 15 January 2009 · 250 views

I am attempting to get my system on paper. This is what I have so far:

Posted Image


HAI PC Access 3.0 install and Firmware Update of OIIe

Posted by nexus99 , 13 January 2009 · 438 views

My order for PC Access Dealer arrived today. It came sealed in a white envelope with a label on the outside. Opening the envelope revealed a thin instruction booklet, stapled in the top corner, and a CD. When starting the CD installation I noticed that this was for PC Access 2.15. There was a 6 or 7 digit serial number printed on the CD sleeve that I needed...


The Garage

Posted by nexus99 , 10 January 2009 · 222 views

My plan is to put my connectivity distribution in the garage. Cable, ethernet, phone, etc. I have seen many people use assorted cans to get this job done so I decided to jump on the bandwagon! From before you will know that I had all of my ethernet runs dumped into the garage... so obviously this is the place to mount the can. But before I go any...


My HA Install

Posted by nexus99 , 10 January 2009 · 373 views

At the end of 08 my wife and I purchased out first home. Its a 2k Sq/ft single story in SoCal. Is has all of your basic house stuff... garage, lights, sinks, range, etc. But it didn't have anything cool. No ethernet. Ne security. No HA.

"And so it begins."

First off I had to have security. It helps with insurance right? So after looking...


Welcome to the NexusBlog

Posted by nexus99 , 09 January 2009 · 200 views

Welcome to the NexusBLog. This blog is dedicated to my take on technology items that catch my attention. I come form an IT background and own a small home in Socal so that definitely flavors my opinions of tech.

Currently my extra CPU cycles have been dedicated to thinking about home automation (HA). There are two conclusions that I came to quickly:

1) HA...

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