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Patio Day 4

Posted by nexus99 , 06 September 2009 · 345 views

I ordered 3 yards of top soil to get ready for sod... but they sent me 4. So I now have more dirt than I wanted! The painful part is that I had to cart it all from the driveway to the backyard.

Sprinklers are next looks like.

Some pics with the new soil:

Posted Image

Posted Image

And the extra I stuck on the far side of the house.

Posted Image

Sep 06 2009 12:05 PM
I would seriously consider artificial grass for that small backyard area. Here are some reasons.

If you do sprinklers you will have to have spray head type units installed (if you are doing grass). I don't know where you live, but here in Las Vegas the winds cause a lot of 'over spray' onto the house and windows. We have a lot of minerals in our water and over time it created a milky film on the glass (a real PITA).

Also, you have a wooden fence and not matter how much water sealing you do, the constant beating of water on it will also do some damage.

I had sprinkers in my past three homes here and finally wised up and put in artificial grass in my current home. It was expensive, but well worth it.

Here is a pic when we first put it in:

Posted Image

No more sprinkler over-spray, no more mowing, no more water damage to the house, it's great!

I just use a blower and 'dust' it off (wind debris) a couple of times a year. The only disadvantage is it gets warm in the summertime, but you can always hose it off if you plan on walking around barefoot on it during a short time.

Anyway, just some thoughts from someone who has, as the phrase goes 'been there, done that'! Good luck and those patio/pavers look FANTASTIC! Very well done!


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Your turf looks really really good. I considered going that route but for some insane reason I had this pull to do a sprinkler install and lay sod. The dirt here is very hard... even after soaking it into mud. I guess I am getting some exercise at least :-)
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Dan (electron)
Sep 07 2009 08:37 AM
Where did you get topsoil that black?? Did you ask for something special?

BSR: Do you remember the cost of putting that artificial lawn in?
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I ordered the soil from www.soildirect.com. Its a 50/50 topsoil mix. Its really a brow color till you put some water on it then it turns jet black. I am trying to keep it wet so that it will compact itself some.
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Sep 07 2009 04:22 PM
Dan, I don't know the cost of that turf as it was rolled into the overall landscaping cost (plants, trees, concrete work, etc...). I do remember getting a detailed break out at the time (over seven years ago), but just have an overall bill now. I'll see if the wife can find some more details in her records.
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