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Updates on Projects

Posted by nexus99 , 18 April 2010 · 547 views

CasaTunes -

I found a USB via TCP server that works on Server 2003. The Silex SX-3000GB. I was able to install the device drivers, connect my USB sound card to the USB server, and have the OS see the sound card from across the house. But I can't play any music through the sound card. There is something happening that I haven't seen before. So now to dig into why everything isn't playing together well.

The barix is still working like a champ. Its carrying one stream of music and the serial connection to the CAM 6.6.

Synergy Salamander Riser -

I finally got the screws to put this all together. I added it to the unit earlier today. Hopefully this helps my old PS3 stay cooler (I need to buy a new one one day...). Since the Plasma is 11" higher the "Samsung Buzz" is much diminished from my normal seating position. There is a crap pile of wires behind this thing now and I have done a pretty bad job of making it neat. I think I will be too lazy to work on this anymore till I get another upgrade to stick in there. Sine I now have a larger area for a center channel I will be looking for a used Definitive Technology CLR 3000 to replace my CLR 2002.

UPB Lights -

I added the switches for the front door and the entry way to my panel and got them all working. Now I just need to mount my PIR outside and see if I can write some rules to automate the exterior lights.

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