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Robin Robbins Boot Camp

Posted by nexus99 , 18 April 2010 · 1135 views

Last week I headed over to Nashville (yes, Nashville of all places...) to hang out with friends and attend the Robin Robins bootcamp. Its an interesting convention for owners of IT service firms servicing SMBs. There were a number of speakers that were very good... and provided alot of knowledge applicable outside of the small business arena.

Robin Robins

Of the speakers the ones I enjoyed the most were:

Jim Camp Link
This guy is a well know negotiation coach. He had alot of good information in his presentation that i am going to try out in real business situations.

Patrick Thean Link
Good general business info with specifics on using dashboards to drive projects. Very cool.

Randy Schwantz Link
Good information on how to sell to clients that already have solutions in place. it also is good info to have when salesmen come knocking on your door.

There were several other speakers but these were the ones that stuck out for me.

Some general thoughts about the whole experience as a first time attendee:

1) The space was too small. The attendees were literally bursting out of the meeting room. And it was a largish room.
2) The "top tier" of RR customers have been lumped in with the "2nd tier" of customers. I assume this is a signal that RR is over extended a little. Probably too much time spent servicing customers personally. If you shake up the crystal ball and look into the future does this particular business turn into just a convention and a web site in a few years after there are 40-50 million profit in the bank?
3) Connec+Wise - This product looks very cool. I like the integration module that some 3rd party developed for integration with Joomla. Now we jusy need a Joomla plug-in for Autotask. I know they have to be working on that.
4) TriOhm. Medical Practice Management software. We tried to talk to the guy that was there from this company but he was pretty put off by being asked to talk. I guess they have all the partners they need. Time to look for someone else to talk to.
5) The speakers were very good. (I guess they would be since their business is to speak and sell you their products.) Definately worth seeing.

So overall this was a very good experience.

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