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Adding a phone jack in the garage

Posted by nexus99 , 25 July 2010 · 2198 views

Just a few pictures showing the process of adding a phone jack and wiring it up.

1) Found my spot, traced my old work box, cut the hole and stuck in the old work single gang plastic thingy:

Posted Image

And from the backside (I can see if from the access panel for TV on the outside of the house):

Posted Image

2) Photo of the phone wiring before modification. You can see the source from the telco equipment going into the security system wiring. It spits back out and attaches to the blue CAT 5 which distributes dial tone throughout the house.

Posted Image

3) I pulled the wires apart and recrimped then with new 3 way connectors to add another phone line right here:

Posted Image

A wider shot so you can see the new grey CAT5 that will carry dial tone to the new phone jack inthe garage. You can see the CAT5 run up from the telco access box to the TV access box which is right behind where the jack will be.

Posted Image

4) And now the finish work. Wiring the CAT5 to a phone port and screwing it all together.

Posted Image

Posted Image

The orange insert makes the decora plate stick out a little too far but I haven't figured out a good way around that yet.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Busy weekend, Nexus. Nice job.

If you skip Decora, and just use a phone wall plate that you wire directly, it won't stick out. With drywall, those orange old work LV rings sink into the drywall when you over-tighten them. I wouldn't worry if it sticks out a little.

Those female ethernet/cat5 punch down jacks are tricky. For phone, it won't make much of a difference, but for data you want to try to punch down the conductors so that the cable jacket extends right up to the jack - keep the conductor twists intact as much as possible.

What's the F-connector compression fitting with the green band? Did you buy those yourself? Where?
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Thanks! I am on a decora kick... trying to make everything match.

The F-connector with the green band came from Verizon. When they installed Fios they ran a short piece of coax form the fiber unit to the cable splitter.
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