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Posted by Monk , 20 August 2011 · 2569 views

After spending thousands on Z-Wave modules we decided to make an effort to protect them. The final straw occurred about 9AM last weekend - 3 rapid-succession power outages happening all within maybe 2 seconds or so. I thought my Z-Wave thermostat was semi-fried - it was allowing me to set the date / time but would not "save" it. Turned out OK...


50 Inch Panasonic Plasma Getting 2-Flash of Death

Posted by Monk , 10 January 2011 · 2361 views

Update - it turned out to be so much easier to buy a new one. I have bad luck when it comes to repair people - one could not figure out how to fix it and the other never came out at all...
I bought another Panasonic Vierra back in May.

Finally the TV will not turn on at all. Drat. Monday it is going to a local TV repair place.


Projects Continue - Speakers, IP Cam, Occupancy Sensors

Posted by Monk , 24 November 2010 · 1047 views

The weather has been great for working in the attic lately - Here is a 9 wire pull - 3 Speaker, 3 Cat 5 and 3 22/4; the most wires I've pulled at once in this new house.

Note my soon-to-be-replaced homeseer server - it's noisey and uses way too much electricity. I now have speakers instlled in my wife's office,...


42 Inch Plasma - Wall Mount Installation - Update

Posted by Monk , 11 October 2009 · 3412 views

I thought I would take the time to document the fact that some work is finally getting done around here!

The TV:
Panasonic TC-P42U1
A 42 inch plasma, 1080p with "normal" features - 2 HDMI in, 2 component in, 1 HDMI out - an SD card reader. Nothing fancy. It has a great picture using the component video hookup to an HD Tivo. Adjustable...


Panasonic TC-P42U1

Posted by Monk , 05 September 2009 · 1032 views

Settled for a reasonably priced 42" unit for the bedroom. Got it mounted on the wall today and am running power for a high-mounted outlet. Pictures later.


Panasonic BL-C140A Outdoor Camera

Posted by Monk , 13 August 2009 · 834 views

I have installed one of these cameras and will most probably get a couple more - the first one is currently being used as a front-door cam. They are pretty inexpensive as far as weather-rated TCP/IP cams go.

The built-in motion detect works very well. Note that you may see mention of POE - this camera uses its own proprietary "injector box" for...


Interop - Lesson Learned

Posted by Monk , 17 April 2009 · 728 views

While I now have a better picture of what I intend to accomplish, I had previously not been very organized. My recent purchase of a VRC0P and the M1XSP for the purpose of Z-Wave feedback to the ELKM1 was an unneeded expense.
For reference, that setup (Z-Wave control) which is currently supported by ELK, does not support device change status if the device...


Panasonic Viera TH-46PZ85U

Posted by Monk , 04 April 2009 · 773 views

Well the HD Tivo came - now it's time to pick a new bedroom TV. I am seriously looking at a Panasonic 46-inch plasma which is reasonably priced with seemingly good specs. This one will be a wall-mount and I plan to have no visible wires for a super clean look. That will be quite the project, as the Tivo has to connect to it, not to mention power, etc -...


New Tivo on the way

Posted by Monk , 28 March 2009 · 654 views

Well, bit the bullet and bought yet another Tivo. (4th one) This one is an TiVo HD XL DVR which with lifetime service comes in just under 1K. I don't have a TV to connect it to yet (OF COURSE) but now since this thing is on order, I have some incentive to pick one out. This will be for our master bedroom and will replace an old 20 inch model. I'm...


Mo Money

Posted by Monk , 25 March 2009 · 687 views

Bought an M1XSP and an VRC0P for the Elk. Not that it is a big deal yet, but the lights need to be able to tell the Elk whether they have been changed at a switch. Reckon I will be selling an M1XZW one of these days if I can bring myself to actually take some of this stuff out of the box!
+ got a couple of more switches installed since last post.

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