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50 Inch Panasonic Plasma Getting 2-Flash of Death

Posted by Monk , 10 January 2011 · 2166 views

Update - it turned out to be so much easier to buy a new one. I have bad luck when it comes to repair people - one could not figure out how to fix it and the other never came out at all...
I bought another Panasonic Vierra back in May.

Finally the TV will not turn on at all. Drat. Monday it is going to a local TV repair place.

Update - found out a bit more regarding the flash of death. For now at least, the only time this occurs is if the TV has been on for hours, is then turned off - and attempted to turn back on within short time. To get it back on again requires it to be unplugged, plugged back in, then wait for 15-20 minutes before turning back on. Seems a heat related issue possibly. Checked while it was on; there is a bank of 5 cooling fans across the top that are running constant - the exhausted air is not really as warm as I would have expected. Located a factory service manual for this online which I might successfully follow once this quits for good - if it ever does, that is..

The new TV arrived Tuesday, got unboxed and tested - works well. Now to deal with getting the 50 fixed - Funny thing - it has not exhibited any signs lately - at all. Went ahead and ordered the surge outlet + wall mount for the new TV. It doesn't weigh but  ~25 pounds or so - won't be hard to take off the wallmount if needed for a backup later.

My wife finally chose her new TV. Ordered through Amazon - "Toshiba 37E200U 37-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV (Black Gloss)" for $467.28, delivered. Will be here Tuesday.

We are leaning towards an LED - Well - the wife is. One of her freinds must have one, I have sent her 2 different articles and explained that I think it (LED) needs to cook a bit and prices will come down - but ....

Had hoped I had blogged about my main TV before - I would have included the model number. It will be easy enough to get but I would have sworn it was posted here. In any case - yes, the 2-flash-of-death is coming upon me. I didn't realize it was a widespread problem till I googled it. Long threads over on AVS forum and elsewhere. So far I have been able to revive it by unplugging it, waiting and plugging back in. (2 times now in 2 days)

It almost certainly will not get better - only worse until it will no longer power on. The plan.... Do I simply replace it now with a new model - or wait it out hoping for reasonable repair cost. There are tails of Panasonic support being both bad - and good about this; my tv is LONG out of warranty. I do not expect much. As a major source of entertainment for us, I cannot leave it down very long.

EDIT - this is a Panasonic Viera TH-50PZ85U 50" 1080p Plasma HDTV

Well, as predicted, this **** thing isn't getting any better. We are accelerating our plan to put a new TV in my wife's "Art Room". This new TV will be out backup until the 50 gets fixed.
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