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Posted by Dan (electron) , 29 January 2010 · 1010 views

Here's the diagram of my SageTV setup.  I'm actually surprised at how much SageTV is doing for me.

Posted Image

My setup is not as advanced compared with some of the other members, but it is pretty rock solid.  Some notes:
  • One of the unique features of SageTV is that it can use multiple inputs on a single tuner.  Obviously it can't use them simultaneously, but it allows me to watch my CCTV DVR whenever that tuner is not in use.  This specific tuner has been assigned the lowest priority, so the analog cable input is rarely in use unless all others are busy.
  • Once SiliconDust releases their CableCARD tuner and adds support for SageTV, I'll probably be getting rid of the set top box.
  • I also use the popup plugin so my home automation can pause playback and display important messages (such as garage door activity).
  • I use the Dynamic Menu plugin allowing me to control some basic aspects of the server (start manual backup process, restart server or service, etc.) using EventGhost.  You could also control some aspects of your home automation, but I have other remotes in place for that.
  • Since SageTV also supports Blu-ray playback, I will probably add support for that in the near future, but I'm not in a hurry.
  • The webserver plugin is also installed, allowing me to quickly manage the recordings/favorites and other aspects of SageTV.
  • I have also 2 OTA HD tuners, but since the server is in the basement, I have no reception, so I didnt include them here.
  • The set top box is controlled using an old MCE IR blaster, and is mostly used to record shows from digital cable.
  • I think my favorite feature is the ability to watch anything, from any source, anywhere, then pause the playback, go to another room, and resume the playback.

I am still in the legacy analogue world with two Tivo's (patched and upgraded though) but only recording analogue. One is a DirectTivo and the other is SA Tivo.

Can I build a SageTV server which would allow HD cable (say with a cable card) , HD Satellite (using an IR blaster and feeding HD from tuner to SageTV box?) and OTA recording?
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Dan (electron)
Jan 30 2010 02:25 PM
Currently, you have the following options when it comes to HD recording with SageTV:
* OTA (make sure you can get a good signal before investing expensive tuners)
* QAM (Only a select few tuners and cable companies support this, usually you only get the basic channels).
* set top box with the Hauppauge HD-PVR (most expensive option)

SiliconDust is working on a CableCARD version of their HD HomeRun unit (see frontpage for the CES blurb), and initially it will only support W7 Media Center, but hopefully it will work with SageTV at some point in the future as well.

SageTV is definitely not going to be a money saving option thanks to DRM, but as you can tell from my diagram, I am more interested in what it can do.
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Thanks Dan.

Yes today I can change channels and stream video from both the DTivo and SATivo box, grab the MPG2 videos and convert them to DiVx or . Looking / waiting on HD DTivo - not sure yet...(WAF) - more for the wife than for me.
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