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Cast0077's Cocoon

Posted by cast0077 , 19 March 2010 · 1398 views

Well I have been working on my setup for about 1 1/2 years now and I think its grown enough to start a blog to show where I am at. I would first like to thank Dan for this great site and big thanks to jwilson56. I copied most of what he has done and he has also spent a lot of time helping get what I got setup and running.

List of equipment:

Server Computer AMD Dual Core 3800+ / 2GB DDR2  /  500GB HD   ...   Running Girder 5 / Netremote / PS3 Media Server
Net Caller ID

Interfaces running Netremote
15" ELO Touchscreen
Advent 8" Touchscreen
Toshiba PPC

Delta 410 Sound Card
Xitel's Hifi-Link USB Sound Card
Sony STR-SE391
Sherwood RX4105
Sherwood RX4109
Teac AG-D8900
Technics SA-EX140

Equipment Diagram
Posted Image

Current HA Activities

Whole House Audio
I have a separate receiver for each zone in the house that I control with either a x10 palmpad or TS that is running custom netremote skin that I created. The IR control is done with the Secu-16IR which interfaces with the ocelot which in turn gets commands from girder/netremote.I have about 6k songs but I mostly listen to 181.FM.

Caller ID Announcements
I am still working on setting up separate audio system for TTS but for now I have calls announced over zone 1 in my house. I also use YAC to send caller ID info to all the computers in the house.

This is the newest addition to my HA setup and really having some fun changing up the sounds. I have wire run to my secu-16 that then creates an event in girder. I then have girder turn on the receiver on the front porch and play the song or sound on Zone 1 and 2 around the house. I also have it email me and send SMS message to my phone. I have wire run for a camera there and down the road I plan to have it send me a picture also of who is there. I was also thinking of having my TV auto turn to the channel of that TV so I can see who it is.

Landscape Lighting / Breakfast Bar lights are turned on 30 minutes before sunset everyday and turned off at 10:30.

This is a work in progress. I plan on adding more to this very soon but for now I have camera setup in my son's room (just turned 1) that I then feed into a modulator that puts the video on channel 123. I can't even tell you how great this has been to have. I rank this up there with my audio system and its very high WAF. I plan on added more cameras to the front porch this year and then feeding into my HA system.

Netremote Skin
Posted Image
Quick screen shot but skin isn't finished yet. I have some more work to do on the music section of the skin.

So that is pretty much where I am at for now. I will hopefully get some more work done on skin soon so I can release it and check it off the list.

Looking good! I like it!
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