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Touchscreen frame

Posted by royalj7 , 24 July 2009 · 685 views

So since there is a big hole in my wall with a semi functioning touchscreen, I thought I should get on this project.  The problem I have mentioned in the Elo Hot Deals thread is my glass pane is not attached to the rest of the TS, so I have to have some way to secure it.  Tape would have been fine, except the tapes I've used interfere with the touching...


Sliding rack on the cheap

Posted by royalj7 , 14 June 2009 · 327 views

As i mentioned in a previous entry, I was having a bit of a hard time deciding how to secure my rack so it was accessible but also not always in the way.  So I got some heavy duty bottom mount drawer slides and screwed two 2x4 runners to one side.  I then anchored the slides/2x4 assembly to the floor.  Moved the rack to sit atop the 2x4 and secured it.  Now...


Nuvo system ordered

Posted by royalj7 , 08 June 2009 · 451 views

Welp, I pulled the trigger on a whole house audio system.  I ordered the Nuvo Essentia system with the Music Port from SetNet last week.  They were able to ship the amp and keypads right away, but I won't get the Music Port till tomorrow (I think).  

Nothing like unpacking a new toy :)

I did pretty exhaustive research...


Racking it up

Posted by royalj7 , 15 May 2009 · 389 views

I know, terrible pun.  So, I picked up a used server rack off Craig's List this week.  It's a simple 42U two-post design, so nothing fancy.  Got it for $50, plus all the patch panels and wire management modules got thrown in for free.  

On of the first things that will be going in it...


Upcoming HA purchases

Posted by royalj7 , 11 May 2009 · 460 views

So, I’m about to really jump into some additions to my home automation system…and by additions I really mean starting it.  I am going to use this blog as a place to put my thoughts and decision making process on paper and I’m going to create a Showcase thread detailing what I’ve done.

So right now I’m looking at purchasing a couple components...

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