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Touchscreen frame

Posted by royalj7 , 24 July 2009 · 624 views

So since there is a big hole in my wall with a semi functioning touchscreen, I thought I should get on this project.  The problem I have mentioned in the Elo Hot Deals thread is my glass pane is not attached to the rest of the TS, so I have to have some way to secure it.  Tape would have been fine, except the tapes I've used interfere with the touching functionally and make the TS pretty unusable.  My solution is to build a custom frame that will support the glass from the bottom, off the touch surface, and hold it secure using some foam.  Below is two models of the frame.  Pretty simple.  The colored sections on the back view are routed sections to accommodate a 1/4 inch "shelf" (Green section) to support the glass and 3/8 inch nominal foam (Tan color) to hold the glass firmly.

Attached Image

Attached Image

Below is a picture of the real frame, dry fitted together
Attached Image
I decided to use popular for the frame because it was one of four woods I readily can pickup at my local HD/Lowes.  Of the others, Fur isn't suitable for frames and while I could get a pretty clear grade of pine, pine is very porous and takes a pretty skilled woodworker to make it look good.  I'm not that great  :) The only other choice, Red Oak, is ok, but pretty hard on the tools.  I could have used the oak, but Popular is soft, close grained, and not as expensive if I screw up.  If I lived closer to a lumber yard or woodworking store I'm sure I could have gotten a more exotic species, but alas I would have had to order on the internet and the shipping gets pretty expensive for that kind of thing.

For the stain I picked a Dark Walnut.  I'll probably put two coats of the stain and two coats of poly on it.  The next thing I need to decide is how to secure the frame to the wall around the touchscreen.  I'm still pretty stumped on that.

Dan (electron)
Jul 27 2009 08:07 AM
looks nice, great job!
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May 06 2011 09:33 AM
if anyone needs any of the closed cell foam i have more than i can use. Send me a PM. Raptor
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