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First WHiccupS

Posted by beelzerob , 04 December 2009 · 314 views

Weird thing occured tonight.  I logged into the console, just to see what was shakin' in the WHS world.  Well, it informs me that there's updates to be installed.  Hmmm...ok.  So I tell it to go for it.  It took the normal windows update progress screen and stretched it to fit the WHS console screen...so nothing special.

One of the updates is IE8.  At some point, I see the IE8 install flashscreen pop up inside the WHS console window...but then it quickly disappeared.  It looked like it wanted some kind of interaction with me...but I couldn't find it.  I watch the update progress for a while, but it doesn't move, so I figure something is wrong.  So I hit cancel....and nothing happens.  It just sits there with the Windows Update progress not changing.  This thing is taking up the entire console window, so there's no way to get around it....nor now any way to close it.  So I close the whole WHS console and restart it.  It comes up exactly into the same frozen windows update screen.  I do it again, and same result.  So I now cannot use the WHS console at all (from this particular client PC, anyway).  So I RDP into the WHS machine and reboot it, figuring that should clear it up.

A little while later, I try again.  And this time, it won't let me log into the console at all.  It doesn't say it's a password issue, it just says it can't connect.  I wondered if maybe it hung up during the reboot or something, so I go downstairs.  Its sitting there all happy and normal.  I log in at the machine itself, and all seems normal.  I step over to the CQC machine and try the WHS console again, and still the same "can't connect" error message.  Now, I can still see the shared directories, so it's not a network issue.

I decide to give it another reboot.....and this time it fixes it.  Console works fine again.  *shrug*

The big limitation that I have run into with WHS is the limited number of users that can be logged into at the same time. I think you are limited to two (perhaps three) users. Each individual console counts as a user as well as each individual RDP session. So if the console or RDP session isn't logged out properly, then those connections are counted even though they are not active. Perhaps this was part of the problem you experienced last night.

To correct the issue, you can go into the Task Manager and click on the Users tab. Any user that is listed, but isn't currently active you can log off.

Is issue has bitten me before when I was trying to RDP into the system from my in-laws. I hadn't properly closed out my console or RDP sessions, and the system would not let me log in. A real PITA. Since I know about the limitation now, I am carefull to always close out the console when I am done using it and actually log off any RDP session rather than just closing it out.
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Hmm...I'm the only one around here accessing the thing currently, but it's still possible it was that. Ive used RDP several times to get onto the WHS machine...how do I log off that session, as opposed to just clicking the X in the upper right?
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Dec 04 2009 12:57 PM
I have never had this problem rob, and I log on with my laptop while my wife is on and I also rdp into the server. I thought the maximum for WHS was 10 users.

Im guessing that IE8 was doing something and it either needed user input or it hung the machine.
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Dec 08 2009 09:52 AM
Personally, I like to rdp into the machine when doing updates. I don't care for the way the system does updates.
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Ya, that's a lesson learned. I was so impressed when the windows updates first came up, that I could take care of those kind of things too from the console....and then it completely failed. Oh well. I'm kind of hesistant to RDP much into the machine, as it clearly tells you everytime that "You can really screw things up by doing things here instead of through the console!". But I guess basic "it's a windows PC" type of actions like updates is probably ok to do through there.
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