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Double double, toil and....interesting.

Posted by beelzerob , 24 March 2010 · 1311 views

Having done the clean reinstall now, I decided I would save (backup) this completely clean, updated, bare install so that when I want to do it again, I can just restore it from WHS instead of having to do the disk install.

When I went into the WHS console to tell it to save a backup copy, I noticed something interesting.  I now have *two* computers listed in WHS that have the same name (Bengals in this case).  One is greyed out (meaning it's not on), and one is active.  The greyed out one has all of the old backups, so that is Bengals-before-reinstall.  The active one is Bengals-after-reinstall.

I haven't changed any hardware, just the software, so I wonder how WHS keeps track of what PC it is talking to.  I had thought that it would think this new clean Bengals was the same as the old Bengals, and so it would just list all of the backups under this one PC.  

This isn't really a problem at all.  I was still able to bring up the old Bengals backup image and copy files over to my freshly-installed Bengals.  I'm just surprised there are two of them.  I suppose eventually I'll save off the last backup of old Bengals and then see about deleting it from the console.

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