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Installed my first 3-way automated switch

Posted by Sacedog , 01 March 2010 · 3979 views

I got around to installing a bunch more UPB switches this weekend, and finally tackeled a 3-way switch.  It was pretty straight forward, and worked the first time out of the chute.

At the Aux switch location, I did not have a neutral, so I wired the neutral to teh ground, which the instructions said was an acceptable alternative.  The way the Aux switch...


Added M1ZTS to Elk and CQC

Posted by Sacedog , 10 January 2006 · 978 views

I wired up three Elk M!ZTS sone temperature sensors when I first moved in, but never got them hooked up to my Elk.  Yesterday, I decided to get that little project done, and it was pretty easy.  The wiring was pretty straight forward, following the instructions from the temp sensor package.  Each sensor needs to be wired to one of the 16 zones on the...


Added PlayOn to Sage

Posted by Sacedog , 10 January 2006 · 911 views

I had been busy the last couple of months, and hadn't scanned the Sage forums.  When I did take a look last week, I saw that there was a new plugin to Sage to allow direct control over PlayOn, including Netflix Instant Queue access.  Needless to say, I was thrilled, and downloaded the plugin right away.

I needed to update my Sage version to use the...


In the beginning...

Posted by Sacedog , 10 January 2006 · 908 views

I have oficially been in my new house now for over a year, and still have a huge list of things to complete with my home automation.  I'll list the things that I have already completed below, but won't go into any detail unless someone wants me to explaing how I got something to work.  Going forward, I'll try to enter new changes to my...

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