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Installed my first 3-way automated switch

Posted by Sacedog , 01 March 2010 · 3769 views

I got around to installing a bunch more UPB switches this weekend, and finally tackeled a 3-way switch.  It was pretty straight forward, and worked the first time out of the chute.

At the Aux switch location, I did not have a neutral, so I wired the neutral to teh ground, which the instructions said was an acceptable alternative.  The way the Aux switch works, is that is communicates directly with the master switch, over the traveller wires.  It isn't "seen" on the normal UPB network.

The one thing that I did notice, that I don't care for, is that the Aux switch LED stays lit all the time, even if the light is on.  This is "as designed" for the HAI switches.

After I finished the 3-way, I did a couple more 3-ways as well as some single switches around the house.  I then proceeded to program them with UpStart, and create new buttons for them in CQC.  I also set up timers for a couple of the switches, so that they turn off automatically after x minutes after being turned on.  For example, the pantry light turns off after 5 minutes, after it was turned on.

I still have quite a few switches left to install, but I am about half way there now.

Congratulations! May all your 3-ways be as enjoyable as the first.
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UPB is pretty cool in that it feels like you can do anything... well you can't control the LED's directly...

I chose to never use aux switches. I only had a couple places where I could have used them. Loosing the ability to put a multi button faceplate at a location was enough for me to pay the extra 20 bucks for a 'real' switch instead of using the aux. Had I chosen HAI I might have used aux switches.
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Many aux switch locations are great for adding a keypad to control the network. Where the LED on the remote cannot be modified, the master switches have multi color options, brightness and even different colors based on the load state... make sure to use UPStart for programming.
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