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Updating Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 16.04 video to work with Kodi 17.4

Posted by pete_c , 08 October 2017 · 53 views

Here run Kodi on mini PCs that are Intel or AMD based. I noticed a flickering video on the Ubuntu 14.04 builds and ran the following to correct my video issues. For Ubuntu 14.04 and Kodi 17.4 SSH to Ubuntu Kodi Box 1 - sudo apt-get -y install --install-recommends linux-generic-lts-trusty xserver-xorg-core-lts-trusty xserver-xorg-lts-trusty...


How to use a AS3935 Lightning sensor with a Raspberry Pi

Posted by pete_c , 03 July 2017 · 577 views

A repost of a Homeseer forum post.  I am impressed with the AS3935 lightning sensor chip.   I re purposed first Raspberry Pi purchased a few years ago. Steps are basic 1 - build a Wheezy OS based Raspberry Pi2 - wire the AS3935 lightning breakout board to the Raspberry Pi - 5 wires only. Provides distance of lightning up to 4...


RPi3-Pine642Gb Weather station

Posted by pete_c , 20 June 2017 · 432 views

It is a drawing only right now but easy to build these days and reasonably priced. Note that the Pine64 2Gb is larger than the RPi3.  It does have a built in RTC and it will run 64bit Ubuntu such that it runs circles around the RPi3 and sells for $29 USD with no case or power supply.   Baby steps here.... Testing a new little ligh...


PFSense update and tweaking

Posted by pete_c , 06 May 2017 · 596 views

Just a quick entry relating to PFSense. Updated PFSense this past week with no issues. 2.3.4-RELEASE  (amd64)built on Wed May 03 15:13:29 CDT 2017FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p19 Never really paid much attention to how slow it was booting.  I did upgrade the old notebook SATA drive on it to a 32Gb SSD in the last few months.   For qu...


STunnel - Ubuntu 16.04 - GMail SMTP

Posted by pete_c , in Email, Uncategorized, OmniPro II modifications 27 April 2017 · 626 views

You can install it on an RPi running Wheezy or Jessie.  This will work for HAI / Elk Email using GMail.   I installed it on Ubuntu 16.04 / 64 bit.   1 - sudo apt-get install stunnel4   2 - nano /etc/default/stunnel4   Change: ENABLED=0 to ENABLED=1   3 - Configuration   create a new stunned configuration file.   nan...


Tweaking a GL.iNet AR-300M AKA Shadow MicroRouter

Posted by pete_c , 29 March 2017 · 860 views

Decided to write a separate blog on a new microrouter from GLi.Net model AR-300M AKA Shadow    Powered by Qualcomm QCA9531 SoC, 650MHz CPU300Mbps high speed128MB RAM 16MB Nor + 128MB Nand dual flash , space doesn’t matters anymoreSmall, light, easy to useOpenWrt pre-installedUART, PCIe interfaces.External antennas (on mine)5G 802.11ac addo...


PFSense Failover Configuration

Posted by pete_c , 01 March 2017 · 707 views

Easy peasy. Add gateway group(s) (System > Routing, Groups tab) Use the gateway group(s) on LAN firewall rule(s) Make sure at least one DNS server is set for each WAN gateway under System > General.   There is a bit more an I will post pictures.  


DIY HD Antennas made from Aluminum foil and cardboard

Posted by pete_c , 24 October 2016 · 1247 views

I have been utilizing a old fashioned combo VHF / UHF antenna for HD OTA viewing which works well but is a large attic footprint.  I have adjusted it and do get some 60 plus HD stations with it.  I also utilize an amplifier with the antenna.   Most of it is junk TV so really only care about 10 stations or so. Note that the followi...


From: KODI conversations

Posted by pete_c , 16 September 2016 · 1333 views

@AlArmy of Darkness? Personally like Angel of death better....AOD is Amazon on demand which worked in the EU/UK but not here in the [email protected]'d love to know more about your configuration. Are you using a VPN?noHere only utilize Ubuntu for my Kodi boxes / LCD TVs. Boxes are Aopen Digital engines.I do run Kodi on my Android tablets and Windows 10...


PFSense - PfBlocker

Posted by pete_c , 24 August 2016 · 1371 views

PFSense - PfBlocker PfBlocker is a package for pfSense version 2.x that allows you to add IP block list  and country block functions  to a pfSense firewall or router. PfBlocker was created to replace the functions of the IP Blocklist  ,and Country Block packagesApril 29, 2016 Personally I would recommend installation.  Takes 5 minutes....

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