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PFSense UPS connectivity / NUT service

Posted by pete_c , 25 July 2016 · 3587 views

Over the years here have added bits and piece to my PFSense firewall.  Decided it would be better to document each plugin / piece separately in separate blogs.
1 - NTP server via hardwired serial GPS / PPS connection - customized serial wire with a PPS signal
Anyone using PFSense as a firewall?
2 - VPN - IPSec configuration (will be adding an Open configuration)
PFSense VPN Easy Peasy way
3 - UPS via NUT services plugin
PFSense UPS connectivity / NUT service
4 - Squid and ClamAV services *[1]
5 - Snort *[2]  It worked so well with my initial testing I couldn't browse to any sites.
*[1] = enabled but not documented yet in a blog
*[2] = enabled but not documented yet in a blog
I always had a UPS connected to the PFSense firewall but never managed the connection via PFSense.
Today connected the RJ-10 to USB cable to PFSense and installed NUT.
N.etwork   U.PS   T.ools
It took five minutes to get it running.
Dashboard monitoring enabled and this is what is seen on the PFSense Dashboard.
PFSense Nut

Hardware used is an APC Back-UPS NS 1250 and an RJ-10 to USB cable to the PFSense box.
Here have a hodgepodge of APC, Cyberpower, Triplite and generic UPS's.
Steps that I did here to install the NUT package and UPS management.
1 - power down PFSense and connect power and USB cable to UPS
2 - Go to PFSense available packages and install NUT.
PFSense NUT install step 1

3 - Configure PFSense NUT - GUI ==> Services == NUT settings

It is disabled by default.
NUT settings 1

NUT settings 2

4 - Save your stuff clicking on changes

NUT settings 3

5 - you may see an error - restart it and the error should go away if you have configured the right UPS and cable.
6 - Status will appear by the services tab and you can configure your dashboard to see the UPS status.


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