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UPB floor plans

Posted by robolo , 09 March 2010 · 766 views

Here are the UPB floor plans for the 1st and second floors. The third floor is pretty much all traditional switches. The owner is a designer so he has need to have many wall wash, accent lights all on separate controls. These are the plans the electrician is using to run his line voltage power. Almost all the lighting and 1/2 hot receptacles are home run wired back to the mechanical room where the load UPB switches will be located in 3 PCS switch cabinets. Originally there were only 2 switch cabinets but changes in the electrical plans now require a third to hold the 54 UPB switches - each cabinet will hold a maximum of 20 switches.  The electrician added an upcharge to cover the extra romex needed to homerun everything back to the mechanical room! The majority of switching will be accomplished through 6 button PCS scene controllers on the walls. These will be in place of what would otherwise be 4, 5, or even 6 gang switch boxes. Most of the lighting control switches are going to be HAI 600w dimmable except the 1/2 hot receptacle switches which by code cannot be on dimmable control. Instead these will be on HAI 15 Amp relay switches.

1st Floor:
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2nd Floor:
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