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Third Floor Wire Runs Complete

Posted by robolo , 13 March 2010 · 823 views

Last weekend with the help of one of the two Roberts we were able to run all the low voltage wiring for the third floor. Here are all the wires terminating in the mechanical room.
Posted Image

Here they all are bundled runing horizontaly away from the line voltage wires.
Posted Image

Here is the vertical run of wires up the chase alongside the fireplace.
Posted Image

There is not a tru attic space as all the rooms extend to the roof rafters, Here the wire bundles begin to branch off through the ceiling space.
Posted Image

We are colocating as many low voltage outlets as possible with line voltage outlets while still keeping the wires away from each other. Here is a colocated midwall height TV outlet with 1 RG6 and 3 Cat5e.
Posted Image

Here is a typical voice/datat outlet alongside a line voltage outlet.
Posted Image

Looks like quite the project. Are you doing the line voltage yourself? It's looking a bit less 'nailed down' than i'm used to seeing...but maybe it's not completed yet. Keep up the good work
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No I am not involved with the line voltage stuff. They have a real sparky for that. Yes these photos are really the work in progress photos. I'll be finishing the ground floor this weekend and post some more pics.
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