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All wire runs completed

Posted by robolo , 04 April 2010 · 1392 views

It took a couple of weekends but I finished all the wire runs for the house and almost finished with the "dressing" of the wires before drywall. There is still a bit of time as the plumbers have not yet finished their work. Here is the mechanical room with all the wires to their respective cans. All the line voltage wires still need to be placed to their switch cans by the electrician and that is why they are still loose all over.  I've got the data and phone lines going to the left can. The security contacts and RG6 going to the middle can, and the security keypad wires and a CCTV RG6 to the right can. On the far right are the wires for whole house audio exiting to the other side of the wall from the mechanical room where the audio rack will be located. A total of 250 wire runs.
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Here is the future audio rack location. It is under the stairs and may share the space with a future wine cellar. In addition to whole house audio equipment there will also be the AV for the adjacent lower level media room.
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Here is the adjacent media room. The electrician and I had quite a time routing the wiring because there are paralam beams on either side of the central ceiling which cannot be penetrated. Result was having to run wires down and around through thin furring on the lower cinder block wall. Lots of nail plates placed.
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The wires leaving the mechanical room are separated into three bundles based on which floor they are distributed to. In the background are some of the line voltage wires going to the mecanical room to the UPB switch cans.
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Some of the weaving of wires through joist spaces on the main level. I burned through 5 drill bits because with the speed bore bits if you hit one nail it pretty much ruins the bit.
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Here is a look at the ceiling mount speaker bracket for the main level media room. It is an 8inch round speaker bracket for a Niles CM750DSC.
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And a close up of one of the Datacomm recessed outlet boxes for the wall mount flatscreen TVs. The 120 v will go below and the low voltage wires will terminate above. A coverplate hides the recessed box when not in use for a clean look.
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Next up....beginning termination of wires in mechanical room. Stay tuned

Are you concerned about the proximity of the hv wires and your lv bundles? It seems in some of them that they're pretty close, and parallel, which I was told was "bad", and took some pains to avoid in our setup. Ultimately, I think it only really affects speaker or video wire signal, and you'll find endless debates on whether it really does or not. The only time I've ever had an issue is when I had my PC speaker wire laying on our well pump wire, and I could definitely hear the pump running through the speakers.
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Yes, it is something I am very aware of. Generally I have kept all the lv wires at least 4 inches away from the hv lines. In the 4th picture down with the big bundles of wire, although in the photo they seem pretty close, in reality the hv lines are about a foot behind the lv bundles. Of course crossing at right angles is OK and I had to do that quite a bit.
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