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Casement window sensors

Posted by robolo , 08 April 2010 · 1076 views

I thought I was going to need to drill through the side of the aluminum clad window frame to place the reed switch for window sensors. Then I did some homework on Cocoontech and learned about a much more elegant solution. Our windows were Anderson but I guess most wood frame casement windows have a way to remove the bottom trim piece in order to access the casement opening mechanism. Well if you use the swing arm of the mechanism as your contact point you can hide the sensor underneath this trim piece and avoid creating a penetration through the side of the casement.

In our windows the bottom trim piece was held with 2 or 3 screws:
Posted Image

Once removed you can see the unfinished wood below the swing arm. We will put the reed switch under the swing arm through this wood:
Posted Image

From the side view you can see the clearance of the swing arm and the wood frame below.
Posted Image

This is enough room to glue one of the 1/2 inch diameter x 1/32 thick disk rare earth magnets from KJ Magnetics. They are on 45 cents each.

Here is the GRI sensor in place. By drilling the right sized hole the sensor is a snug fit without needing glue to hold it in place:
Posted Image

Here is another view of it. Note the pigtail leads coming from the reed switch.
Posted Image

After the first window the rest went really quickly. Just ordered the thin magnets and will glue them to the underside of the swing arm once they arrive.

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