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Cat5e Terminations Completed

Posted by robolo , 14 April 2010 · 1016 views

The cat5e lines will carry both data and telephone. A total of 92 terminations. I terminated them all with Leviton 476TM-524 Patch panels. These are designed for the Leviton cabinets and can be hung backwards temporarily while punching down the wires then "Twist and Mount" (the TM in the name) the panel. I then labelled each with the corresponding outlet number and color of the cable. I'm hoping the color coding will help to distinguish the different wires within a single outlet. I have generally tried to use yellow for phone, purple for data, and the other colors going to each television distribution location.

Here is the first cabinet with all the wires terminated.
Posted Image

Below the 4 Leviton patch panels are 2 Leviton telephone distribution panels. The yellow cat5e wires are the feeds from the demarcation. I'll use patch cords to distribute the telephone lines to the 476TM's above. The remainder of the space to the right will be taken up with network switches.

Here is a close up of the 4 Leviton patch panels
Posted Image

And a couple of the individual panels:
Posted Image
Posted Image

Due to the increase in number of wires we ran we ended up needing a 4th patch panel. So the original can layouts need to be modified a bit. We also needed a 3rd UPB switch panel. Still trying to figure out the reason they are like $500 each!!
Posted Image

The electrician has home run all the wiring to the cabinets but the switches won't be installed until after drywall.

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