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Sensor termination

Posted by robolo , 20 April 2010 · 1193 views

So I thought a lot about how to best terminate the powered and unpowered sensors. I liked the ides of terminating all wires at one location and then patching that termination location to the eventual destination (the Elk M1). Plus I was looking for a better way to distribute power to the 4 wire sensors that need it (H2O sensors, motion detectors, etc).  I decided to go with the 66-block connectors.

Here are all the  wires terminated to the three 66-blocks:
Posted Image

These are split blocks where the right and left sides of the block are not joined. All the alarm leads for each sensor are on the two left 66-blocks I plan to make the green lead the neg. terminal for each contact.
That way I can run a single wire down the length of the 66 block and have just one negative connection for all the sensors. The red/orange wires are numbered for each sensor.
These will be individually connected to the corresponding Elk zone expansion modules which I will mount just below the 66-blocks.

Here is a close up of the  terminations

Posted Image

For the powered sensors I used Cat5e wire and ran all the blue/brown wires to the third 66-bock. Will make the blue the + (plus) terminal and the brown the - (minus) terminal (matching number of letters for each to remember which is which). Like before I will only need to run a wire from top to bottom of the inner set of contacts and then will just have a single connection for powering all the devices.

Here is a close up of that 66-block:
Posted Image

I did add up the power requirements of all the devices to confirm I would have adequate power from the Elk panel.  I did have a few duplicate numbered wires and had to use my Fluke wire tracer a few times but eventually got it straightened out. I did learn that if I did it again I would number the wires with a leading number to distinguish floor (1xx, 2xx, 3xx). I just numbered them all sequentially and even after reserving a few spare numbers for each floor I still had to add a few wires and now the last few wire numbers unfortunately jump from floor to floor.

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