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Cleaning up after the party.

Posted by Shinyshoes , 06 April 2011 · 1050 views

It’s been a while. I know. Sorry.

Nothing major to report on in the 2 months since my last post, but a ton of minor things.  I have been madly cleaning up the mechanical room wiring.  It had been a disaster ever since I was in a rush trying to get a bunch of stuff done prior to my New Year’s Eve party.  I have a rack that opens to the right, but had run a bunch of cables out the left side of it because “That is what I have handy” and “I am running out of time”.  Thus, I could no longer open a number of the racks because the cable going out the left side was too short.  I bought a bunch of Velcro and screwed pieces onto the wall to act as cable management runs.  I have replaced the “too-short” cables and run them properly into the Velcro which will be their permanent home.  While I was in the process of tidying up my panel, I took the liberty of adding all the additional ports I can foresee using when we get around to finishing the basement.  I have all the Nuvo Speaker ports (even the yet-to-be-purchased expander zones) wired into my panel and I am just finishing up the remaining Cat5 ports.

I finally gave up on a virtual installation of Premise.  I felt that I was trying to learn too many things at once and I was never sure what was actually causing my problems.  I formatted the ESXi box with a fresh install or Windows XP 32 bit.  That was the OS that premise was created for so now I don't have to worry when I have a problem where it is coming from.  It won’t be virtualization and it won’t be the 64 bit OS.  

I have been steadily but slowly installing my Nuvo Grand Concerto.  I have zones set up in the mechanical room (where I seem to be spending a lot of time), kitchen and the office.  Next on the list is the ensuite bathroom.  I am also planning on getting the garage done, but I have yet to install the speakers and I am really dreading going up in the attic.  You see, I didn’t measure where the speaker boxes were prior to doing the drywall.  Dummy.

Now that spring is almost upon us, I have numerous HA related and NON-HA related tasks coming up.  Top of the list is installing the driveway sensor in our lane so we are notified when someone enters our yard.  Next is installing the IP camera I bought on the corner of the house facing the lane so I can have Premise switch the TV to the right input to see who is arriving.  I also have the Deck and previously mentioned Garage Speakers to install, as well as upgrading the living room from 5.1 to 7.1 audio.  I need to move the antenna for my Nuvo Tuner into the attic.  Finally, I have the temperature and humidity sensors to install into the ceiling of numerous rooms.  All of this work has to be done in the attic, hence the reason I have been waiting until spring.  This is on top of all the Non-HA stuff like building a Deck, planting some trees, spreading the top soil and planting grass to name a few.  This sounds like a busy summer…..


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