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Trigger for Nuvo paging and more UIRT problems.....

Posted by Shinyshoes , in Premise 02 June 2011 · 314 views

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Since my last post I have been still struggling with getting a relay to trigger the paging system on the Nuvo.  I bought a simple 12vdc automotive relay hoping that the 5vdc output from the Weeder would be enough to trigger it.  Alas, it was not.

While I was wiring it up, I noticed that my driveway sensor has a triggered 12V output on it.  Right now, the only thing I need to make an announcement is the driveway sensor so I wired the relay into it.  When I triggered the sensor, the relay tripped and turned on the page mode on the Nuvo.  The announcement I have configured is "Vehicle detected at the gate".  Unfortunately the driveway sensor 12V trigger doesnít not stay active long enough to allow the entire speech to be played and I have no way of configuring the length of the trigger......  I could change the speech to something shorter, but that would just be another band-aid.

After a suggestion from some other cocooners I purchased some RIB relays that were triggered on 5vdc.  They finally arrived last week and I got to installing it.  I was a little more nervous about installing this as it required a 120V AC source and I am always a little more nervous about 120V.  I cut the end off a computer power cord and wired the 2 bare wires to the leads, wired the rest of the low voltage stuff and fired it up, and it worked!  Finally a success.

Now I have to put in some code to filter where the page will go when we are in bed.  I don't want it to page all over the house if we are asleep.  Can't wake the kid.......

On another front, I am still struggling with the USB-UIRT.  It seems the only way I can get it to work is to plug it into the computer directly.  If I use any USB extension cables or any USB over network Hardware or software then when I try to send an IR Command at the UIRT, premise crashes.....

This puts a big hole in how I was planning on controling my theatre equipment.  I had planned on putting a UIRT near my TV in the Living room and use Premise to interpret the IR codes and react accordingly.  With the UIRT problems, i have no way of getting the IR signal to the Premise Computer.  I know I could throw some money at it and get a GC-100 or something similar but, as always, I hesitate to throw around more money.  For now I am going to try us the IR repeaters on the Nuvo to and put a blinkie on the UIRT window so I can at least start entering the IR codes into my custom device in Premise.  I'm still not sure what direction I am going to go.......  

Any Ideas?

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