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It's starting to look a little more like a respectable install

Posted by SIMKO , 08 March 2012 · 2683 views

Now that I was happy that everything was working fine, I organized the wiring some.

Things still left to do:
- Get the M1XEP running off of the VAUX rather than the wall-wart.
- Mount VAUX, SAUX, and speaker terminal strips on a Leviton security bracket above the M1.
- Install Pulseworx UPB

I wanted to put the covers on the Panduit for the picture, but...


Ran out of patience, had to power it up!

Posted by SIMKO , 07 March 2012 · 1296 views

I ran out of patience and really wanted to see if everything worked so I ran all the cables extra long and plugged everything in to try it out. Everything works great. Configured the RP software, connected up to the M1 over the network on the first try, and got all of the firmware up to date. Now I need to set up my dynamic DNS, forward some ports, and I'll...


Panel, wire duct, and M1 mounted, getting close to powering up

Posted by SIMKO , 21 February 2012 · 1388 views

I got the panel installed along with the ELK M1 unit and the Panduit.

The panel is a 42" Leviton can with 2.5" rubber grommets to protect the wires entering the panel.  You would be surprsed how difficult it is to find a grommet for a 2.5" hole.  I ended up buying grommets for a Greyfox FoxBox and they fit perfectly in the Leviton...


Starting out slow...

Posted by SIMKO , 21 February 2012 · 1042 views

I've never installed a security system or any type of home automation, but I am pretty handy so I thought I would give it a try.  After scouring the whole house for the best place to put the panel I settled on putting it in the pantry off of the kitchen which is centrally located with easy access to the bottom and top of the panel.

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