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In the beginning.......

Posted by bucko , in New HA build 11 April 2012 · 657 views

  • Upper rack
  • Security Control
  • Lower rack
  • Device&wiring
  • Component wall layout
  • 12v Aux Pwr
  • ELK TWA 124 speaker config
  • LV wiring Flr 2
  • Gas H20 valve wiring
  • KLDplate
  • KLD Switch
  • IMG 0401
  • IMG 1217
  • IMG 0469
  • IMG 0446
  • Server room
  • 1 X 7 LED downlight (7w)
  • mono stable switch
  • H20 valve wiring
  • KDS water valve

Well here goes nothing. After 1 year of hanging out in Cocoontech, I am jumping into my new HA project. Label this my first HA.

I am going to outfit my new town house construction with all the whistles and bells. My house is located in mainland China, constructed with solid concrete walls and floors as is typical in China. It is a 3 story Town house and all wiring will be home run to the ground floor into my "server" room. No wireless! I hope to incorporate whole house audio/video, access control (2 doors), ccctv, security, and lighting. It is 2400 sq ft.

Right now I am in the interior design phase and don't expect to have this part done for several months yet. I am open to any and all comments or suggestions from you experienced cocooners. I will need all the help I get get being so isolated from any real sources of help and information from China. I want to shake up this corner of the world with a finished showcase home the Chinese will be blown away over.

I am on a tight budget, but I have some things going for me here not found in too many places. Labor is very cheap. There are no rules, inspections, or bs when it comes to building here. I can do what I want, however I want.

Wish me luck!

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