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1 square km of electrical madness!

Posted by bucko , in New HA build 29 April 2012 · 1347 views

I just returned from Shenzhen, China. Here is where the worlds largest electronics wholesale market is located. It is a 1 square km section where everything electronic can be found.  Everything is bought in bulk and buyers from all over the world are here on a daily basis to supply their factories. They can make anything you need, duplicate anything per 1000's a day, assemble, package, and ship. All Apple's products are made here at Foxcom.
If they don't have it....you don't need it.

I needed to supply myself with things I will need to get my HA project installed. A network switcher, patch panels, punchdown blocks, mounting hardware, door coontacts, wire organizers, various networking bits and bobs, etc.

2500 pieces

So here is a few examples of my findings there. First I needed 32 plastic standoff so I can mount my pcb's to a wallboard. They only come in lots of 5000! I did convince the man to break up a bag and sell me only 2500. You can see in the picture here . This bag cost me $9.50.

DPST relay

Check out these DPST relays. They cost me $1.82 each.

Elk J1 connector

Finally I needed a few Elk J1 connectors. Once again I had to buy 1000 pieces. BTW, 50 RMB is $7.93.

AMP crimper

I picked up this AMP crimper. I paid $13.49. This is an exact copy right down to the packaging! Can't beat the price.

I got numerous other things, but just wanted to show a few examples of my adventure in Shenzhen. Anybody need J1's????

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