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March 2013 project update

Posted by bucko , in New HA build 28 March 2013 · 1755 views

  • Upper rack
  • Security Control
  • Lower rack
  • Device&wiring
  • Component wall layout
  • 12v Aux Pwr
  • ELK TWA 124 speaker config
  • LV wiring Flr 2
  • Gas H20 valve wiring
  • KLDplate
  • KLD Switch
  • IMG 0401
  • IMG 1217
  • IMG 0469
  • IMG 0446
  • Server room
  • 1 X 7 LED downlight (7w)
  • mono stable switch
  • H20 valve wiring
  • KDS water valve

IMG 0401
 My Chinese work team.
Server room
About 50% of the wire reaching my server room.
IMG 1217
 3rd Floor wires going down...
IMG 0469
That's how you route wall wires!
IMG 0446
1st floor data runs
3/27/13- They have run all my wires now and today I go on site to test and approve this end of things. I had to train all these guys about running data since it is just not done in China, except for network wire. I have run Cat 6 , 16/2, 22/4, 18/2, RG-6 just about everywhere. Since my house is 3 stories, I had then make a wire route to the server room on the 1st floor using 2 5" PVC drain pipes. Each floor feeds wires down the pipes and home run to the server room.
Next week my custon 9' server rack will be built and delivered to my house. This is a top quality server rack that they build in Kunming. My cost for build, delivery and install is $370.
I leave for HK in 4 days to pick up my Panasonic AE 8000 projector. Cheaper for me to go get it to bring back into China and avoid the 20% import tax the slap on electronics. Total robbery!
The complete house build is scheduled to be finished end of May. Until then, I'm on site everyday making sure all is done exactly my way (US standards). Since there is no such thing as inspections in China, I have to take this role through each phase of the build. But the time it's all done, I'll know more than I care to about construction in China. It's quite a learning experience!

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