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M1, ELK TWA, and Elk 124 no hassle auto switching!

Posted by bucko , in New HA build 17 January 2014 · 2454 views

  • Upper rack
  • Security Control
  • Lower rack
  • Device&wiring
  • Component wall layout
  • 12v Aux Pwr
  • ELK TWA 124 speaker config
  • LV wiring Flr 2
  • Gas H20 valve wiring
  • KLDplate
  • KLD Switch
  • IMG 0401
  • IMG 1217
  • IMG 0469
  • IMG 0446
  • Server room
  • 1 X 7 LED downlight (7w)
  • mono stable switch
  • H20 valve wiring
  • KDS water valve

ELK TWA 124 speaker config

I needed to find a way to set up my Elk so it would be able to do it's system announcements and also play my custom Elk 124 sounds through the same speakers. I also needed have complete  control of quiet times and speaker selection for sounds.
My set up here is up and working great. I get no sound issues such as pops, cut offs, hiss or delays. It generates clean, undistorted sound using only 1 set of speakers!
I think my schematic is self explanatory, but for my setup I will clarify a few things.
I have an XVOR and M1RB connected to my M1. My TWA and M1RB connect together via TWA's J3 to M1RB's J1. My TWA connects to the M1 via M1 (J7) to TWA (J2).
Notice on my schematic I refer to OUTPUT 3. This is located on the M1.  This is where I control coil power to Relays R1, R2,
OUTPUT 19 is an output on my XVOR. It control pwr to R3.
R1,R2,R3 are separate DPDT 12 vdc relays mounted next to my M1 panel.
Write the 2 rules for the Elk M1. Be sure you substitute the "OUTPUT 19" for whatever output you want to use in your setup.
When all is wired correctly, R3 is always on until a sound needs to come from the ELK 124. Then it switches off. I like to use relays that have an LED inside that shows when the relay is energized. It just makes a nice visual indication the relay is in the correct state.
Good luck.

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