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It's all up and running (minus my 6 zone sound system)

Posted by bucko , in New HA build 23 March 2014 · 2704 views

  • Upper rack
  • Security Control
  • Lower rack
  • Device&wiring
  • Component wall layout
  • 12v Aux Pwr
  • ELK TWA 124 speaker config
  • LV wiring Flr 2
  • Gas H20 valve wiring
  • KLDplate
  • KLD Switch
  • IMG 0401
  • IMG 1217
  • IMG 0469
  • IMG 0446
  • Server room
  • 1 X 7 LED downlight (7w)
  • mono stable switch
  • H20 valve wiring
  • KDS water valve

All systems are go. I am at the final stages of my HA project. Today my 6 zone whole house sound system will arrive and over the next few days I will get it installed. Welcome to the first smart house built in China!
To summarize, my HA main components comprise the following....
Elk M1 Gold security system with XEP, 2 PS212's, M1TWA, MXVOR, M1XSP, M1RB, 2 M1XIN's, ELK-129, ELK-124, ELK-930, Elk-951, M1DBH, 3 M1TWM's
5 IP cameras wireless and hardwired running Blue Iris
Vera 3 home controller with 40 Fibaro controllers
Monoprice 4X4 HDMI matrix switcher
Dune HD media player
Denon 2702 AVR
Sako UPS
Panasonic AE-8000PT projector
TP Link 24 switcher
Yamaha Reverb unit
Yet 1 video intercom/fingerprint reader
SQ Blaster
Maige HD IPTV box
Asus AC66R router
Asus RT56U router
Linksys WRT54 router
AMP 24 port patch panel (2)
MRTAK 2000w studio amp (2)
Yamaha MG 166 16 track mixer
Custom made whole house lightning arrestor
3 iPads and 3 iPhones
Everything in this system is mapped mostly using Visio and Excell. I have details of all wiring diagrams, connections points,locations, sub circuits down to device wiring. My entire system could be troubleshooted and serviced by anyone using my manuals. My system will operate on battery back-up for 10 hours. The security system will then switch to a 2nd back up system and continue for 7 more hours.
I spent 2 years designing the base system before the install. Along the way I made changes to the original design, and expect there will be more to come as i tweak on it. 
Currently I am working on utilizing a Raspberry Pi to set up a SIRI server for voice control automation.
The gallery pictures show various shots of my server room setup. Once I have everything installed (6 zone amp), I will start cleaning up some of the wiring tangles.
Shoot me questions or comments please.

Apr 29 2014 01:30 AM

Great work Bucko! Where I can see the diagrams in better resolution. I´m very interested in your work.


Thank you,



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