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Finished....(if one could ever say that)

Posted by bucko , in New HA build 09 October 2014 · 3608 views

The final piece of my system has been finished. The multizone audio amp proved a real bugger getting it on-line. But now I have it running with RS-232 comm for remote control. The big change was retiring my SQ Blaster remote system for the iRule remote platform. Without a doubt, iRule is the final solution for remote controls to date. In fact I am now a dealer for iRule as a result of it's stellar performance. If you are doing an HA project, build it around the iRule, you won't be dissappointed.
I just spend 3 months out of the country which allowed me to put my HA to the acid test. I was more than pleased with it's function. Rock solid stable and did all I expected from it. My house kept me informed of it's operational duties, and warned me of when people were there taking care of my plants. It was cool calling my friend when he opened up my house and watching/hearing him going about in my house. I even turned on the TV for him while he was there. He went outside and left the keys in the house. I remotely unlocked the door and all was good.
Once, the internet went down due to construction in the area, I knew about it within the hour and I called my ISP company who confirmed it was down. I will solve this problem by installing a 3G router that will switch on whenever I lose DSL connection. Looks like about $100 will solve this issue.
Another incident was that I lost comm of my security panel, which was reported by my Vera control in a few minutes after it happened. I remotely hardbooted the panel's comm module and all was back online a few minutes later. However the security system was fully operational regardless.
Finally 1 camera lost connection with my DVR software, although it was still online and recording. It was just not streaming images. A remote cam reboot took care of that issue.
I designed my system so that I have more than 1 way into any section of the total system. This proved valuable allowing me to solve the problems 8000 miles away. Nothing is perfect, but in my case it all seems to be about as bullet proof as one can get. In the end all the work and $$ has produced a solid and stable platform for my home automation. 
I have to give credit to all that helped me out on this forum, as well as the micro casaverde forum. 

Very nice bucko.


Curious on your methodology of autoswitching your network from DSL to 3G modem and back again?


Are you using a router with a 3G / Wired WAN connection that does the autochanging for you?

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A little late response but.....


Check out the Asus RT-AC66R router. It has auto switching detection if the WAN goes down and will turn on my 3G USB stick.

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