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New House Journey

Posted by roussell , 25 April 2012 · 9127 views

New House
We're building a new house. We're set to go to the initial plan review this week, I'll be recording my journey here.

The builder is pretty strict on who does the work - they're people. I think it's so they can charge $180 for a 'data drop'. The great thing is that I've been talking with the GC and a few other key people and they're agreed to 'turn their heads' for about two days after electrical inspection and before drywall goes up to allow me to run all the LV wire I can manage. I can't install boxes and will have to leave the pulls un-terminated and coiled up to finish up after we close so I'll be taking tons of photos during the process so I don't forget where everything is.

I have high-level view of what will be going in and am working to finalize that asap so I can get all the wire ordered and in-hand before I'm allowed to pre-wire. the initial list is as follows:

HA Server/Client Platform
  • Indigo Pro on a Mac Mini (Currently use it, can't say enough good things)
  • iPad's using iPort magnetic docs
  • Multiple Insignia Infocasts with custom web-interface to Indigo.
Remote I/O
  • Elk M1G possibly OR SeaLevel Ethernet-based IO (don't really need/want a security system, so whichever offers most IO/$)
  • Multiple CAI web control boards
  • 1-Wire (currently using DS9097U but may go with HA7-Net)
Lighting Technology
  • Insteon (used it for years, one of the lucky ones to be problem free)
Security Cameras & DVR
  • Foscams (internal and external)
  • Dlink cameras (I've had good service out of them)
I really wanted to like the Stem iZon as I love the simple form-factor for indoors. The problem is it's complete and total crap. Horrible firmware, cocky support, and buggy iOS-only software. Fail.

Whole House Video
I 'want' a nice 8x8 HDMI matrix switcher but wow are they expensive! So until then it'll have to be:
  • DirecTV
  • AppleTV
  • itunes on old Sage server (used Sage for a while and loved it, until death by Google)
  • Pioneer BDP-430
I will run enough cables to hopefully one day get the Matrix switcher but I can live with ATV and DTV until then.

Whole House Audio
  • HTD Lync 12 system (12 zones, 6 central inputs, 12 zone inputs)
  • Input Sources
    • 2 each Grace GDI-IRDT200 (Thanks for pointing these out jwilson!)
    • 2 each  Am/FM/Sat Tuners (unsure of brand yet, something 1U rack-mount)
    • 2 each iTunes (or at least iTunes library from PC with multiple sound cards, or 2 airport express...TBD)
    • Each TV at each zone will also serve as an remote zone input.
    • Mostly Samsung TVs (need to find an elegant way to turn on-via ethernet though)
  • Output Zones
    • Master Bedroom
    • Master Bath (sub-zone of MBR)
  • Each 'other' Bedroom (4 total zones)
  • Back patio/yard
  • Living room
    • Kitchen (sub-zone of LR)
  • Game room / media area
  • Garage
Multi-channel audioHVAC
  • Two 'high-efficiency' HVAC units (provided by builder)
  • Venstar 1Day stats with humidity sensor mod and insteon control
  • CAI web control based system with Indigo control (used currently)
  • Water usage monitoring with pulse-counter on water meter (Brand TBD)

More to come...

How has the HTD whole house audio worked for you....I am building right now and trying to determine the hardware I am going to use.

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