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Slow going

Posted by mustangcoupe , 14 June 2011 · 1864 views

So activity here on the sale of our current home has slowed down, so we wait.... Once things pick back up and we lock in a buyer we start to build the new place.  At that point I will add more details here on the blog.


Our New House, Part 2

Posted by mustangcoupe , 24 May 2011 · 911 views

Things have continued, I have received the final Proposal with all my ink changes incorporated.  Another thing that has taken shape is I forgot I had a contact in the security industry with a local installation company.  I discussed my plans and they are willing to give me a quote from the plans, for a prewire.  I want a prewire and the sensors installed...


Our New House, Part 1

Posted by mustangcoupe , 12 May 2011 · 992 views
home automation, Our New House and 3 more...
Things have been continuing to progress, I have a proposal form the developer which I have had them include 4 - 3 inch PVC pipes from the basement to the attic, and conduit and LV boxes for the TV/phone in a the living room, and all of the bedrooms.  I am going to have this done on the outside walls, as I can fish easily on an inside wall.  



Temporary Good Bye to Home Automation

Posted by mustangcoupe , 03 May 2011 · 1013 views
home automation, new house, build and 3 more...
My wife and I have decided to move to a new home.  So over the last few weeks I have been ripping out all the home automation, and creature comforts that made this place “tick”.   We will be putting our current home on the market soon, and will be building a new house; that we will then call home, for a number of years to come.  This loss of the home...

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