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Laundry Automation

Posted by iostream212 , in Appliances 28 April 2013 · 2975 views

Decided to service the clothes dryer this weekend instead of the HVAC project. Since the dryer would be in pieces I figured it would be a great time to add a current sensor as well. Here we go!
Here is the back off after I vacuumed it and used the air compressor to clean it out:
Posted Image
The top control panel had ample space to hide the current sensor. Here it is dry fitted:
Posted Image
And again after wiring it up and securing it:
Posted Image
Here is the install for the washer machine:
Posted Image
And everything all together:
Posted Image
Coded up a few programs in ISY and everything looks and works great.
Products used:
RIB XGTA adjustable current sensor
Insteon I/O Linc

Nice neat install!  What current sensors and other parts did you use?

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May 06 2013 03:21 PM

Thank you JimS. I put some links at the bottom of that post. The current sensor is made by Rib. It's model XGTA. At the time I got a ridiculous deal on them off ebay for $15 a piece. I got three total, the last one being used on my dishwasher. The automation interface is an io linc as I am an insteon man, but depending on how your setup is you can use all sorts of equipment to monitor the current sensors output.

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