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Server Upgrade

Posted by iostream212 , 08 June 2014 · 2376 views

My previous server was an HTPC. As a result my case was more form than function as it was visable in my home theater setup. As an HTPC the demand for hd space grew, and eventually overwhelmed its capacity. An upgrade to a roomier home was invenitable. Heres the fat little pig below with is top off, stuffed to the max with electronic delicacies.

Posted Image
After a month of searching online I found a suitable replacement. A balance between form, function, and price. I settled on a case by Rosewill sold by NewEgg.
When it arrived it was shocking to see the size difference, as well as all the dust on the old pc. Beauty meets the beast.

Posted Image
The next requirement was hot swappable HD cages. Fortunately the company makes those too.

Posted Image
Here is the equipment once freed from their prision-like chassis.
Posted Image
The whole setup breathed a whole lot easier in its new home

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Here is the whole setup once completed

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The setup has been running great for over a year now. I really haven't had a need to mess with it once I got it up and going. I eventually settled it behind the wall where my entertainment center was on a make-shift server rack. Out of sight and out of mind, and the best part is I don't hear it where it is located. It's now up to 16 terabytes and going strong.

Very nice iostream212!

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