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Out of touch

Posted by Squintz , 22 December 2009 · 560 views

I've been out of touch with my friends from cocoontech. I just wanted to stop in and say hi. I wish there were 48 hours in a day so I could spend more time in the chat rooms and on the forums but I just don't have the time like I use to. I started a new job recently making lots more money. Just so happens starting a hackerspace was a good move. I met my n...


We have a temporary space

Posted by Squintz , 08 June 2009 · 481 views

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post so I figured I would play catchup.

Last night the Baltimore Hackerspace members(6) visited the garage of our newest member and decided to make it our temporary place to play. It's a fairly large 2.5 car garage with suprisingly not too much clutter. Our first project to work on in that garage is a DIY CNC...


Videos show up at mother in-laws house, time for teddy camera!

Posted by Squintz , 11 May 2009 · 489 views

Several months ago my wifes sister asked if she could stay at our house. She knew my wife and I were going to be away for the night and used the excuse that she was going to be driving from her other sisters house in PA late at night and did not want to drive late at night. Up until this point she had been very trustworthy but she had recently got a...


After RobotFest 2009

Posted by Squintz , 26 April 2009 · 552 views

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Baltimore Hackerspace had a table at RobotFest 2009 and unexpectedly we were a hit at the show with our CNC Machine. I have posted a blog with Photos of the event. RobotFest www.robotfest.com is in its 9th year and takes place at the National Electronics Museum...


Looking for Raffle Prize Donations

Posted by Squintz , 20 April 2009 · 541 views

Baltimore Hackerspace (www.baltimorehackerspace.com) is looking for prize donations that we can raffle. The proceeds will be used to help us with start up cost of our organization.

We are looking for items that will be desirable to everyone. I.E. LCD Television, Surround Sound System, Blue-Ray Player, Game Consoles, Gift Cards, ect. Individuals or...


It's Official - I am a UPB user!

Posted by Squintz , 10 April 2009 · 245 views

I just finished installing my first UPB device. It was the Simply Automated (SA) Receptacle (Model:URD). The installation had a little hicup but it was easily fixed. There are two sets of screw terminals on the Receptacle and for some reason you are only supposed to connect wires to the bottom set of terminals. I know from the instructions that ONE of the...


Electric Field Proximity Sensor

Posted by Squintz , 23 March 2009 · 3570 views

One problem that has been difficult for us DIYers to solve is how do detect someone without motion. In other words how do we tell if someone is sleeping in a bed, siting on a toilet, laying on the couch, or taking a shower. During the first Baltimore Hackerspace meeting one of our members demonstrated an EF...


DimDim - Open Source Webinar Software that Rocks!

Posted by Squintz , 19 March 2009 · 859 views


I will give IVB credit for making Webinars popular in the home automation community with his CQC Webinars. http://www.dimdim.com is about to take that to a new level. This software simply rules. This is an open source Flash based, web browser based application that...


What, Squintz' is trying UPB?

Posted by Squintz , 04 March 2009 · 352 views

If you know me then you know I have been Z-Wave's #2 Fanboy with probably Chris Walker being #1. I have to admit that ever since I met Martin from Automated Outlet at EHX 2007 there has been a piece of me that has wanted to try UPB. After doing a 60+ switch Z-Wave install for a customer, using all Levition Vizia RF, I quickly came to realise that...



Posted by Squintz , 21 February 2009 · 307 views

I have 3 of the best kids anyone could ever ask for. My oldest daughter got straight A's on her very first graded report card. My youngest daughter is as sweet as pie, very smart, and polite. And then there is my son... He is just like me... Some of the stuff he has been doing recently is giving me flash backs. The other day my wife walked in his room...

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