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  • 13 Dec 2008 Download XML Weather

Download XML Weather

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Reposted from Premise form.  Zip file includes TWCi folder mentioned in the install instructions

1.01 Initial release
This module utilizes XML-based data sources for weather.  There are two classes that can be used.  The first is called XMLWeather.  That feeds off of the NOAA XML data service.  The NOAA data service is very complicated and not very easy to work with.  Hence, the limited functionality of this particular class.  The second class uses The Weather Channel’s XML data feed (TWCi).  TWCi is very easy to work with and allows for much more functionality. This class is recommended over the NOAA-based class for general use.
Both classes expose a significant number of data elements for use by other applications.  In my case, I use the CurrentConditions property of the TWCiWeather class to “speak” the weather when asked.  
To install:
Copy the TWCi folder (in its entirety) to the   C:\Program Files\Premise\SYS\web\Images\icons\ folder.  There should be a sub folder called TWCi in the Icons folder after you are done.  It’s very important that this gets done prior to importing the module.
Import the module.  Navigate to someplace under Home, right click, and select “New”.  Both the TWCiWeather and XML Weather classes will be available (although I would only use TWCiWeather because it’s better;) ).   Create an instance of the class.  After the instance is created, it should automatically update the current weather based on the zip-code you’ve entered under “Schedule” in the Builder.  
Added reference to TheWeatherchannel.com linked to the TWC logo to keep in compliance with the use agreement
Added Zipcode property under the TWCiWeather class.  If empty, the Premise-provided zipcode is used.  
Bug Fixes
Occasionally, TWCi returns n/a in some integer fields causing an error.  Make all susceptible integer fields text
Made properties in the TWCiWeather and DayWeather classes readonly

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