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Download RadioRA2 Driver 1.1.11

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I started working on this a while back, but I recently moved into a new house and put RadioRA2 stuff in it, so I was able to do some more testing and fleshed it out a bit.
  • Unzip spradiora2.dll to C:\Program Files (x86)\premise\sys\bin\Devices.
  • Restart the premise service and connect SYS to it. The RadioRA2 driver should show up in addins.
  • Add a "MainRepeater" under RadioRA2.
  • Add a "TelnetPort" under RadioRA2 if you want to connect to the repeater over the network, rather than a serial port.
  • Figure out the IP address of the repeater and enter it into the telnet port.
  • Enter the login and password information. You can configure multiple logins with the RadioRA2 software, but there may be a default of "lutron" as the login and "integration" for the password.
  • On the repeater object, select the network property and select the telnet object you created (or use a serial port if that is how you connect). It should connect.
  • Add switches, dimmers, and keypads. Specify the DeviceID for each. You should be able to get this from the integration report in the RA2 software.
  • For Radio Powr Savr devices, make sure to specify the RoomID. This is what is sent in the ~GROUP messages.
  • The VCRX (Visor Control Receiver) only exposes the "keypad" part of the device at this point.

What's New in Version 1.1.11 (See full changelog)

  • Fix problems with RadioPowrSavr and room ids less than 6 would not get updated.

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