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Download Driver: Russound CAV6.6

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Source: Original Premise Forum
Original Author: russnh

russnh 08-20-2003, 4:05 PM
Here is a driver for the Russound CAV6.6 amplified matrix switch. This driver has been modeled after the AudioAccess and Xantech drivers so that users can use this driver without any real learning curve.

Disclaimer: This is an alpha release, while the driver is fully functional is has gotten minimal testing.

To use the driver follow these steps.

1. You must be running firmware version 1.02.02 on your CAV6.6. If you are running an older rev I have include the firmware upgrade and documentation from Russound. Follow the Russound upgrade instructions.
2. Copy the sprussound.dll into the Premise driver directory, default is c:\Program Files\Premise\SYS\bin\drivers
3. In Builder go to File->Addins and check "Russound", than hit OK.
4. Create a CAV6.6Master device and Enjoy!

Feedback is appreciated,

[email protected]


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Re: (Alpha) Russound CAV6.6 Driver

MikeSr 10-22-2003, 1:04 AM
Any progress with the Driver Update.
Updated CAV6.6 driver

russnh 10-26-2003, 4:14 AM

Sorry about that, I wasted several nights chassing my tail with the powerState synchronization between the CAV6.6, the UNO Keypad and Premise. Here are the updates:

1) Fixed flaky powerState syncronization between the CAV6.6, Premise, and the zone UNO keypads.
2) Fixed a bug where the driver would not power off a zone when the source was set to NULL. This should make mSense happy now.
3) Fixed a bug where the driver would set the current source based on the current source of the queried from the CAV. This was confusing mSense quite a bit because there were cases where mSense though the input was already set and didn't even bother to power on the zone.

Driver version is now

Thanks again for testing this stuff!

Latest Driver Update (

russnh 10-28-2003, 1:22 AM
sprussound3.zip (154935 bytes)

Here is another update...

Current driver release is now

1) Fixed a nasty receive message fragmentation problem when not using a direct serial connection to the CAV. This was found while using a UDS-10, and GlobalCache GC-100. I've put in more robust message concatenation logic, and added debugging traces to the log to analyse any future problems.

Thanks everyone again for the testing / feedback!


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RE: Latest Driver Update (

MikeSr 10-30-2003, 11:56 AM
The correct path for loading the DLL is c:\Program Files\Premise\SYS\bin\devices. Good job on the Russound Driver.

Mike Sr
RE: Latest Driver Update (

DeletedUser 01-02-2004, 2:00 PM
having used this, I am wondering if people are having the same problems I am?

Mainly, problems when linking the sources and having them switch when selected?

Also, has anyone developed an interface to simulate the UNO keypad?


RE: Latest Driver Update (

russnh 01-02-2004, 9:00 PM
Hi David,

Can you give me a bit more detail on your problem, either in the forum or over email? Are you talking about source selection in the browser, or from the UNO keypads? I have a dozen or so people using this driver and I haven't heard of any source selection problems. Granted most of the people are using mSense for source switching instead of doing it manually.

Re: (Alpha) Russound CAV6.6 Driver

sachin 02-09-2004, 12:30 PM
Hi Russ ,

Have you done any status reading of Russound CAV6.6.For example if the Zone1 of CAVV6.6 is On (Power) .. so after some time it should reflect into your Premise builder. Basically i would like to know in VC++ "ProcessReadBuffer" function overridding is right approach or not for reading data ( Data will be coming from our device in any of our serial port , if we send any status request command ) . Also can you help me in Timer stuff in VC++ , Premise HSDK code .

Thanks in advance

Sachin Mundhra
Re: (Alpha) Russound CAV6.6 Driver

russnh 02-09-2004, 12:41 PM

I'm not sure I follow your queston completely. Here is a brief description of the CAV6.6 driver logic. When the serial port is first opened the driver queries each of the CAV's zone properties. The CAV responds and the messages are processed in the ProcessReadBuffer() callback. The driver updates the Builder properties based on the current state of the hardware. If a zone is subsequently powered off/on (by Premise or by a CAV keypad) the CAV transmits an event message that is read by the driver and the Builder properties are kept in sync.

So what this means regarding your question of zone power is that the Builder is always kept up to date with the actual hardware zone.

What was you question regarding timers? Feel free to send me email directly at [email protected]


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Re: (Alpha) Russound CAV6.6 Driver

sachin 02-09-2004, 4:25 PM

We have one Timer class in premise . ( sys:/Schema/Timers/Timer ) . If i will add this class in my XML file ( source code VC++ ) . It will appear in our driver properties . Also we can hide a property using 'Browsable = "false"' and we can set or get the value using
pObject->SetValue ( PrpertyName , Value ) .

What i want is to hide a class , so that it will not appear in builder.

For example

<Class ID="{15A576DE-BE7C-45ED-99CD-C4EE231B86C5}" Name="DTR7.3" Icon="IntegraReceiver" Description="DTR7.3">
<SuperClass ID="{19C25D8D-9490-4D7D-A0DF-D55AF24D4CB1}" Name="Transport" LinkObject="sys://Schema/Networks/Transport"/>
<SuperClass ID="{BF40E5F8-423D-40C9-97AA-BD68E0C558B3}" Name="Container" LinkObject="sys://Schema/System/Container"/>
<SuperClass ID="{ED3871D0-D39D-442d-BFA9-AF373CDC4177}" Name="Timer" LinkObject="sys://Schema/Timers/Timer" Browsable = "false"/>

In this case the you will have Timer and TimerBase class with certain properties .

Is there any way so that we can hide this Timer class .

RE: Updated CAV6.6 driver

nsca 08-18-2004, 7:06 PM
Hi Russ,
how did you ultimately setup the UNO keypads in Premise in order to control them? I am looking for the ability to turn them on via Premise, and to send Input (Source) commands to them in order to switch between sources.
Thanks very much,
Nino Scavello

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