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This is a Module-based driver for Weeder Technologies' WTDIO-M board.  The WTDIO is a 14-channel, digital input/output board that communicates via a serial port.  Each of its 14 I/O channels can be configured to be either an input or output. Up to 32 WTDIO boards can be daisy-chained together in order to provide up to 448 I/O channels.

  • The WTDIO driver supports 14 user-configurable I/O channels and daisy-chaining of up to 32 devices (see the attached image).
  • Upon initial connection, or after the module is powered up, or after a disconnect/reconnect, the driver will poll the module and synchronize the state of all channels.
  • The driver queries the module every 60 seconds to ensure it is still present and operational.  The module has two seconds to respond to a query. After three failed attempts, the driver will set the CommunicationsFailure property and log a Premise Event.  It will attempt to reconnect every 60 seconds thereafter.
  • An Output channel's Autoreset property is used to automatically reset the channel's state after a specified time delay (milliseconds). Please see the note below.
  • An Output channel's Invert property is not implemented.
  • If you have daisy-chained several WTDIO modules, the address of the first physical module (i.e. the WTDIO directly connected to the PC's serial port) should match the address of the first module in the driver's treeview.  In other words, ensure the treeview portrays the actual order of the daisy-chained WTDIO modules.

The WTDIO driver uses Premise's DigitalOutputEx class to define an Output channel because this class contains the Autoreset property.  Unfortunately, this property is not bindable ... but it should be! Please see this post to learn how to alter Premise's schema in order to make Autoreset bindable.  You don't need to do this if you have no plans to use the Autoreset property.

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