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Download Module: ELK M1

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A Module-based driver for the ELK M1 Gold Security and Automation Controller.


The driver will discover the name, and configuration, of M1 resources such as Areas, Zones, Outputs, PLC Devices, Keypads, Function Keys, Tasks, Thermostats, and Temperature Probes. The Discovery process can be automatically triggered after an RP session ends (i.e. the end of Installer Programming Mode) or scheduled to run on a periodic basis.

Clock Sync
Can be scheduled to synchronize the M1's clock with the host PC's time.

Log Control
Any logged M1 event (date, time, event code, full description) can be accessed via the driver.  The driver displays the last logged event for each Area.

Miscellaneous Information
Displays the M1's Time mode (12/24 hr), Date mode, if DST is in effect, and what Temperature scale is in use (Fahrenheit/Celsius).

Provides a complete account of an area's arming mode, readiness for arming, and current alarm state.  You can arm (all variations) and disarm an area, and initiate a Fire, Medical, or Police alarm.  The driver also displays the last logged event for each area.  It also shows the area's last state change, last function executed, and last zone triggered.

Displays each zone's name, physical and logical states, its definition, assigned area, and if a Trouble condition is in effect.  You can bypass an individual zone or all violated zones.  You can also unbypass all bypassed zones.

Displays an output's name and current state.  You can control the output's state and its autoreset period.

PLC Devices
Displays the names and states of all PLC Devices (i.e. Lighting).  You can control a device's state, brightness, and autoreset interval.  Devices may be identified by name, numeric address, or X10-style House and Unit Code.  A device may be a Dimmer, Appliance, or X10 Dimmer.

Displays each keypad's name and assigned area.  It also displays the keypad temperature for KP1 keypads.  You can display a two-line message on all keypads assigned to a given area.  

Function Keys
Dsplays all Function Key names; you can activate any Function Key.  It also displays the current state of the function key's status light.

Displays each thermostat's name, temperature, set points, fan state and control, plus operating mode and status.

Temperature Probes
Displays the names and values of all temperature probes.

Displays all Task names and allows you to trigger any task.

You can have the M1 play Phrases or Sentences.  Phrases are predefined by ELK whereas Sentences are defined by you.  A Sentence consists of one or more words chosen from the M1's lexicon of over 450 words.

Wherever possible resources are implemented as true Premise objects.  For example, you can bind an Area to a SecuritySystem object and instantly have a browser-based keypad allowing you to arm/disarm and trigger a Fire/Medical/Police alarm.


  • The attached zip archive contains the ELK M1 Driver (Beta2), a detailed Reference Manual, and a Tester's Guide.
  • The Reference Manual contains a detailed description of installing, configuring, and using the driver.  It remains unchanged for the Beta2 version.
  • The Tester's Guide is a companion manual designed to assist you when testing the driver.  It remains unchanged for the Beta2 version.
  • The Beta2 driver contains several minor, mostly invisible, improvements. The most notable change is the ability to quietly discard garbled packets.  The Beta1 driver would fail if the first two bytes, of the received packet, weren't a hexadecimal number.
  • Please note that, in the Beta2 driver, two properties have reduced "units of time" (i.e. Days are actually Hours) in order to observe their operation more conveniently.  Please see page 5 of the Tester's Guide to learn how to set them to the correct time period.

If you find an operating error, documentation error, or require assistance, please post to the associated Support Topic (see link below).
The original thread for this driver may be found here.
Posted Beta2-2 version. Beta2 was rejecting several valid packets. Beta2-2 includes a corrected version of the IsHex() function.
Posted Beta2-2A. Driver is unchanged from Beta2-2. Zip archive now contains "ELK_M1.mdb" file (omitted in the previous zip archive).

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